Are you thinking of buying a new phone, but can’t decide which one to choose? First of all, you should decide which operating system to choose. Should it be iOS by Apple, or Android by Google? This article may help you decide.

Android and iOS are competing to be the most popular mobile operating system ever since the smartphones got widely accessible. Each of them has their own supporters, and are doing everything they can to gain more of them each year. Generally, Android is believed to be more open source and customizable, where iOS is more user-friendly and clear in its design. However, there are some interesting differences between them that can change your mind when considering which one of them to choose.

Device Selection

IOS was created by Apple and is supporting only Apple devices; which means that you can’t have it installed on phones or tablets manufactured by other companies (such as Samsung or Huawei). That decreases the number of possible devices to choose from to iPhone and iPad only. What is more, Apple products tend to be more expensive than their equivalents produced by other major manufacturers. Android on the other hand, is used by many smartphone producers, and because of that, there is a huge number of different devices to choose from. They are usually also much cheaper that Apple products.


For many people, the application selection may be the most important factor in choosing an operating system. Nowadays, both systems have a similar number of applications available on their online app stores, however iOS have more applications that are tailored for use on iPads, where application for Android-powered tablets are usually just adjusted versions of the smartphone apps. Generally, both platforms provide access to the most popular applications (such as Messenger, Instagram or YouTube), but there may be some differences in app availability between them. So, if you really need a specific sales enablement app, first make sure that it is available on the device you are thinking of.

System updates

For system to work perfectly, it should be regularly updated. That way any potential bugs can be fixed, and system is protected from any outside threats. However, it is the device manufacturer that decides which update is released when and on which phone or tablet. In this situation, Apple users have upper hand, because the iOS updates are delivered to them as soon as they are ready. It is different for Android users which have to wait for a decision of phone manufacturers as to when the update will be released. And sometimes it may take a very long time and, in the meantime, the device can malfunction or be infected by unknown threats.


IOS is usually seen as more reliable, because of the regular updates and thoroughly checked apps. Because of those checks, many developers first release their new apps on the iOS, and only then on the Android and other systems. The interface of the iOS is limited in its customizability which is good for some people, as it makes using the device easier, but for others it’s a huge detriment.

Android is tempting through the variety and number of devices it supports. Everyone can find a device for oneself, and with the highly customizable options, everyone can use it as he pleases.

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