If you run any modern business, you must be well familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of optimizing your business content online to get organic traffic from the search results page. When it comes to SEO, search engines crawl and scan various websites to gain a better outlook on what the site is all about. Under the SEO process, search engines are likely to show your website content on the top of search result pages for a specific set of keyword. So, there are three parties involved to run the SEO of your business – there’s you, the searcher and the search engine!

You know about SEO services and that it aids you in boosting traffic on your site and brings it in the top of Google results. Now, let’s have a look at the factors that influence your search engine optimization ranking. Google will never tell you what exact algorithm it uses to give rankings to your site. It is a challenging task for you to get your website high on the search result pages. Do you your target audience has some people with disabilities too? In such cases, meeting the needs of people becomes more challenging for you. It is difficult for people with disability to understand and access the content of your website.

Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act 1973, is an amendment that comes as a rescue to you if you are willing to meet the accessibility standards of the people with disabilities. As per the section, it is mandatory for the federal government to ensure software and website accessibility to all the people with disabilities. To ensure if your website is compliant, it is must for you to know about Section 508. You have to work on the needs of every type of people to maintain the online visibility of your website. Have a look below to know about various factors which can impact your business website rankings on search engines as suggested by regentseo.com:

Content Marketing

A well-written, detailed, content helps you create a bond with your site visitors. You can engage and communicate with your audience and convince them to buy your business products. Good content also put you high in the eyes of search engines. The more informative and quality content on your site, the more are chances of search engines to give higher rank to your web pages on the Google search results page. Well-written content attracts the visitors too and gives them the reason to stay active on your site for a long time.

Off-Page And On-Page SEO

You can use off-page SEO techniques to enhance and improve the reputation of your website and make it rank in the search engine results page. Off-page, SEO means actions taken outside of your business website to boost traffic to it. Many people confuse off-page SEO with link building. People must realize it is not that. Off-page SEO signifies link and other outside signals.

On-Page SEO enables you to optimize individual web pages of your website to earn more specific traffic and to make your website rank higher in search results. On-Page SEO signifies both – HTML source code of a web page and the content.

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