There are certain standards a buyer need to set when evaluating solar battery. These include the specifications of the battery, how long the solar battery will last or how much power it can provide to a solar panel. These are questions that every individual can ask to get the battery that will suit a solar panel.  It is a good way to look for what type to choose, as there are many types of solar batteries today. To have criteria in buying and learning it is a good start to make a change for energy storage.

The solar battery is the tool used in converting radiation into electricity. It is associated with the solar panel, this will absorb energy from the sunlight, batteries will generate and store it. So in order to get the best batteries for solar storage and cheapest solar panel cost the buyer should be more censorious.

Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Batteries

  • Capacity and Power. Capacity refers to the amount of electricity that a solar battery may store. Most of the people prefer to use batteries that are designed to be stackable, or also known as flexible. Hence, its compatibility with every type of solar panels are high, and it can easily adapt to the system. On the other hand, capacity is about how big the battery is, and how much it can store electricity. To support its capacity to know the power rating is very important as well. Power rating refers to the amount of electricity that a battery can deliver in a period of time. It is also measured in kilowatts just the like capacity. The thing is, if the battery has a high capacity with a low power rating then it can deliver a low amount of electricity. But, if the battery has a low capacity and high power rating, then expect to get higher electricity.
  • The depth of Discharge. This refers to the amount of battery capacity that has been used. It is too risky to use 100 percent of a battery’s charge, as it can be a result to shorten the life of it. In using the battery properly, consume the proper amount of electricity, at least 9 kWh before recharging it.

Various Types of Solar batteries Good for Storage

  • Lead Acid batteries, it is used to off-grid for almost a decades. This type of battery has a lower depth of charge than the other battery types, it is also less expensive. Anyone who prefers to use lead-acid batteries can find it on the market particularly in the home energy storage sector. A lead acid battery is the best option to store a lot amount of excess electricity.
  • Lithium Ion, it is lighter and more compact to use than the lead-acid batteries. Another is that lithium-ion batteries have a higher depth of charge. Its lifespan is longer compared to other types of battery. So, lithium-ion is more expensive than the lead acid battery, and it ensures the good quality for the storage.
  • Saltwater, it does not contain any heavy metal and it is the latest types of battery. Both Lithium-Ion battery and Lead acid batteries, need to place in a proper way as it contains metal.


Solar Batteries are very important to the lifespan of solar panels. It can ensure every user a big change to their bills. Solar batteries can’t waste the sunlight energy and store it for any use possible, so it is really helpful.

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