Microsoft corporation is a multinational company in America. It is known for the best software products, personal computers and Microsoft windows. It is the world’s largest company who manufactures the software. Even Microsoft is providing solutions to the business to stay in the competition. These Microsoft solutions are providing enterprise solution for the internal IT department and act as a assistant to the upcoming IT infrastructure. These are like the help desk solutions to your business. The solutions to this are as follows:

  • Windows Server: It is the most important product to their business. It includes all the window operating system that are under Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Office Suite: It includes Microsoft word, excel, access, power point and outlook. Each program serves as a great help in the business. It is most common form of the software used worldwide.
  • Windows Client: It is a laptop pc or windows desktop. It is contrast of user and the server network which make the work of the business more easy and fast to do as all the records are kept in these laptops
  • SQL Server: It is a business intelligence program which includes series of tools that turns the raw data into useful information for the business. It can help in making correct decisions in the business.
  • SharePoint Server: It is based intranet program that improves the efficiency of the organization. It acts as the document management platform from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Azure: It is a flexible cloud that supports multiple operating system. It is used for the services like analytics, virtual computing, storage and many more.
  • Dynamics ERP: here ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. It is a software made for organizations, subsidiaries and divisions of larger organizations.
  • Exchange Server: It is a mail server. It is an exclusive operating system of the Microsoft.
  • Skype for business: It is an instant messaging software. It is specialized in providing the best quality of video calls and voice calls. It is very helpful in business, as it helps the organizations members to interact with other organization’s members.

Microsoft solution providers provides solution to the every problem related to the business. It has many advantages which are listed as follows:

  • Value for price: In modern days, Microsoft solutions are very much needed in the business. It fits in all the needs of the business. These solutions are available at very reasonable prices in the market which can be afforded by small business as well.
  • Safety and security: another benefit of these solutions are that they provide safety to users. All the data is stored in Microsoft centers.
  • Embracing Mobile: These solutions are available in the mobile phones as well. As it becomes more convenient and portable for the users to use these solutions. These solutions can be downloaded in the smart phones and the benefit of these solutions can be taken at any time and at any place.
  • Collaboration at business level: It provides the facility of collaboration with business enterprises, as it will offer a wide range tools that will make easy for multiple employees to work on same files.

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