The video downloading applications are available in abundance over the internet these days due to the high demand and inclination of the folks towards watching and downloading online movies, videos, and songs. The vidmate app has been developed by a team of experts while keeping in mind to fulfill the desires of their favorable and prestigious customers.

After the successful launching of the app over the internet, the application has become most popular among the users in no time owing to its exceptional features and the amenities provided to the users.

The well experienced and dedicated team is working towards the regular updating and the enhancement of the Vidmate old version download that is required to ensure a seamless video experience for the customers. The team has been deployed and made to work in such a way that they are keen on embracing the customer’s feedback and the reviews, based on that they try their best to execute the best possible radical and innovative solution to any of the problems that customers might face.

Vidmate version 2014

The vidmate version 2014 was the basic version of the app, which have been provided for the users to download YouTube, Facebook and videos from other video platforms. The users were quite contented with the features of downloading and watching the online video by the developers. This app version was so versatile that it could be easily downloaded in any device with the basic android version, this was the added advantage that has made the application most popular among all other video downloading applications.

Vidmate version 2015

After the success of the previous version of the vidmate app, the 2015 version came into play which was loaded with new and radical features for their customers. The improvements made by the developers were quite promising and the users tend to be satisfied with the latest version. This version of the app has allowed users to download the videos in different formats from low-quality videos to high definition movies. The best part was that the downloading manager and the overall experience of downloading the videos have become immensely seamless for the users. In this application, the users are allowed to download Unlimited videos and music in accordance with their personal choices.

Vidmate version 2016

This phase of the 2016 version for the vidmate application has been a point to attain significant success and popularity of the application over the internet. The developers have made hard efforts to enhance the functionality and to remove any sort of bugs and errors that users were facing in the previous versions of 2015 and 2014. Also, in the 206 version of the app users were able to watch their favourite movies and listen to the songs in the application itself. This was a great accomplishment for the developers in order to contribute to the success of the vidmate downloader.

To download the Vidmate application users could easily follow several application stores that are available online such as the most commonly used 9apps, to download and install the vidmate app straightaway onto their respective devices.

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