The battle between software tester and developer is never ending when it comes to software testing due to different approaches for perfect product definition. The two weapons-testing and debugging are used in fighting the endless battle. But in fact, many times by mistake these terms are understood to be the same…

To provide you knowledge in depth that could clarify the distinct between them. In this article, we are going to discuss about the difference between testing and debugging and provide you some tips that can help you in debugging more effectively.

What is the Difference between Testing & Debugging?

What is Testing?

The testing is the process that explore the system to find defects present in the software and not only this, the process has to find the defects and define what will happen when the issue occurs. This process is performed by the QA tester while testing phase and after this phase is completed the tester will report to developers for debugging.    

What is Debugging?

Once the Testing phase is completed, the report is sent to the developer’s team. The developer team will start debugging and the purpose of this phase is to locate the bug and get rid of it. It is the process that is done manually. In this process, a special tool is used called debugger.

This tool is used to locate bugs as most of the programming environment has debugger to debug the code.


  • Testing


 #Katalon Studio


  • Debugging

 # WinDbg

 # OllyDbg

 # IDA Pro

Difference Between :-

Testing Debugging
It is performed by Tester in software testing company or individual It is performed by developers
It can be done by manual or automation It can be done manually
The initial and end result can be predicted The initial and end result can’t be predicted
The purpose of testing is to find the bug The purpose of debugging is to find the cause of the bug.

Tips for Effective Debugging

Prioritize the Bug

When debugging process takes place the user experience is kept in consideration.If the software is performing poor then the user will leave you.So by prioritizing the bug will help in determining which bug is affecting more user and which bug should be fixed first.  .You can use a risk assessment matrix to prioritize the bug.

Reproduce the Bug

The original bug is reproduced before making any changes.If you can’t reproduce the original bug before proceeding to make changes.It could take a lot of time,if the ticket is reopened as the bug hasn’t been removed yet.As you can’t remember what you have done before.So,you have to make sure that original bug can be reproduced and in case it cant be reproduced, then ask someone who can.

Know error code

The HTTP error code will give you an advantage in diagnosing bugs, for example:

  • 404 – The wrong URL in your app
  • 401 – Credentials are likely wrong
  • 418 – Talking to a teapot!
  • 429 – Too many requests

The error code can be easily searched in google to make sure you understand it.The same thing is with Database drivers and other protocols, you can search the error with database name and look for original docs.


After many processes and methods at the end of the day,both testing and debugging is performed to make sure the end product is best for the user.It doesn’t matter which team you belong,It matters the most to you is getting positive feedback for the improvements of the product and time comes when the battle is paused.

Thank you for reading and happy testing!

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