The computer monitoring applications have been playing significant role in child and employee monitoring. The employers and parents across the world have been using different computer monitoring and tracking tools to supervise the digital behavior of their workers and children.TheOneSpy is one of the commonly used computer tracking software intended for parents and employers to keep track of activities of concerned individuals and groups by tracking their computers. This software is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows and macOS. Here, we have reviewed the high-tech spy software to let you understand how it facilitates child and employee monitoring.

How does TheOneSpy Computer Tracking Software Work?

The spy app enables the end-user to monitor and manage the computer devices possessed and used by children and workers.Once you install the spy software on the targeted Windows or MAC computer, you can monitor activities performed on that device via online control panel of the spy software. The end-user is given access to the online spy account from where the targeted device can be monitored and controlled.

Main Features of TheOneSpy PC Monitoring Software

The windows and mac monitoring software of TheOneSpy offer a wide range of features enabling the end-user to monitor and control the targeted computer device. We have rounded up here the main features of the software to give you an insight of it.

Screen Recording

The spy software for MAC lets youdetect what your children and workers are doing on their computers. What arethey watching? What are they typing? What are they doing? These are the questions you can get answer with screen recording feature of spy software. By logging into the online control panel of the PC monitoring software, you can send command to the targeted computer to start screen recording. It will record whatever appears on the computer screen in real or scheduled time. The screen recording will get uploaded to the online spy account from where you can see it.

On-Demand Screenshots

If you do not want to record the entire activity, you can take screenshots to stay updated about the actions performed on the targeted MAC or windows computer with a certain interval. You can send command of screenshotsto the targeted computervia online portal of spy software. It enables employers to track the progress of a work assigned to a worker. It also let them know there workers are using their systems for productive purpose or for unproductive and personal purpose.


The spy software for MAC computers and laptops offer bugging feature to enable the end-user to monitor surroundings of the target. You can listen to the real life conversations of your workers and children by creating a MIC bug via online control panel of spyware software. As the targeted device receives the MIC bug, it turns on the microphone to let you listen to the surrounding sounds and voices.

Camera Bug

Do you want to see what your workers are doing without using any surveillance camera? The spy software for PC lets you operate the cameras of the targeted MAC computers and laptops to see what is happening in the surroundings. With a remotecommand, you can capture photos and make short videos to capture the surrounding events.

Email Tracking

Email monitoring is of great importance for employers. The spy software lets you read all incoming and outgoing emails of workers to ensure not any inaccurate or confidential information has been transmitted to unauthorized persons via official email accounts.


The computer surveillance software records all keystrokes applied to the keyboard of targeted devices. These keystrokes let you access keylogs of username, passwords and email addresses of online accounts operated on the targeted computer.

Website Blocking

You can block your kids and workers’ access to unwanted and objectionable websites with the help of computer tracking software. You can block all unwanted websites by putting their URLs. Also, you can put keywords to block all websites containing those keywords or phrases.

That is not all. The spy software for windows and mac offers invisible tracking mode,mighty alarms and user-friendly reports showing the computer program and software use of children and workers.You can know more about the high-tech software by visiting official TheOneSpy webpage.

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