Getting Googlebot to crawl your new pages faster is very important for your website. The crawl rate of the search engines is an important aspect of SEO as the site needs to be indexed on the search engine as soon as possible to get a good response from the visitors. If your site does not get indexed on the Google search engine, users will have to type the full URL to visit your website. It is not a convenient option as people these days go for the easiest option. Hence, getting search engines to crawl your pages faster is very important.

Your site will get indexed only when the Googlebot crawls through the site when you publish it. The main concern about search bots crawling through your page is the time that it takes to crawl through your page. The sooner the bot crawls through your page, the faster your page gets indexed on the search engine. If you are worried about your pages taking a lot of time to get indexed or not getting indexed at all, you no longer have to worry. Here are a few ways in which you can lure the Googlebot to crawl your new pages faster:

1. Content Is the Master Key

Content is the key aspect of any website. If you want Googlebot to crawl your new pages faster, make sure that you post quality content. Google’s search engine algorithm considers the quality of content as a major factor while crawling through your site. If the quality and frequency of your content are not good, there is less chance for your site to get indexed. If you want your site to get indexed faster, keep updating your content as this will let Googlebot visit your site more frequently.

2. Produce Quality Links

May it be interlinking or crosslinking, Google considers quality and relevant links as a factor while indexing the page. Especially for a new website, it is quite difficult to get Googlebot to crawl through your page unless its pages are linked to relevant content. Interlinking is a great way to let Googlebot crawl through your page. Talking about links, make sure that you don’t spam the content with too many links. It is a bad practice according to the Google search engine algorithm. If you are not familiar with link building, take help from a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, Mumbai, or Pune.

3. Host Your Website on a Good Server

Producing high-quality content with relevant links might be of no use if your server goes down frequently. Googlebot can visit your site anytime. If your server goes down frequently, there might be a high chance that Googlebot can visit your site when it is down. This will make it difficult for you to get your content indexed faster. So, make sure that you have a server with good uptime so that the Googlebot can crawl through the page as soon as you publish a new page. If you do not have a good server and do not know how it works, you can hire a digital agency in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, or Pune to get your job done easily.

4. Make Sure That Your Website Isn’t Slow

Slow loading can have a major impact on the crawling rate of Googlebot for your page. If your site takes longer to load, the Googlebot will take a long time to crawl through your site. Set a crawl rate for your website in the Google console according to the speed of your network. Optimize the image size and other file sizes uploaded on the website to allow fast loading of the website.

5. Optimize the Crawl Rate by Monitoring It

Google webmaster tools now allow you to monitor the Google crawl rate for your website. You can use the feature to manually set the crawl rate for your site in the console. If bots are not crawling through your site effectively, you can use this tool to improve your strategies.


These are the five ways in which you can get Googlebot to crawl your new pages faster.  If your websites are not getting indexed on the search engines, there may be many reasons like low-quality links, slow loading sites or poor content quality. You can solve all your page indexing issues by hiring a marketing agency. Hire the best digital agency in Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore to increase the crawl rate for your site.

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