Search engines consider a number of factors when ranking your website. They take into account things that an average person may consider negligible. However, these small things are exactly what matter the most. A little tweak and your website can be booming. Code to text ratio, on the other hand, is not exactly one of those factors. Yes, it matters but it does not affect your ranking directly. We will explain why but let us first look at what code to text ratio is.

What is code to text ratio?

Here code is referred to the HTML of your website. HTML i.e. HyperText Markup Language is a tech language that is used on websites. Each page on your website contains content in terms of HTML. On the other hand, text is simply the plain text available on your website. Code to text ratio, therefore, would be the percentage of text on your page when compared with the overall information on the same page.

How is code to text ratio important?

Your code to text ratio is linked with user experience. An optimum code to text ratio would help improve the overall experience of users on your website. It not considered an elementary factor for rankings by search engines like Google. Search engines today consider the HTML of a page a metric for design preferences. To them, the quality and relevance of content is not dependent on the code to text ratio. According to John Mueller of Google, ‘No. We we don’t use anything like text to code when it comes to Google search. We especially pick up the visible content on the page and we use that. Some pages have a lot more HTML, some pages have a lot less HTML. That’s more a matter of your kind of design preferences, how you set things up on your site.’

How is code to text ratio used by search engines like Google?

Google uses an internet bot to crawl and index your website. This process involves Google browsing your website. In case of low code to text ratio, Google’s crawler would not have a lot of information to go through. This may be a problem since the crawler would not have a lot of time to spend on the website. Likewise, a page heavy with HTML is a sign of bad user experience. A lot of images on the website, links and huge size of a page mean that the page would take longer time to load.

How to check code to text ratio?

Checking code to text ratio should not be an issue for modern day people. There are a number of tools available online that are just a Google search away. If you search on, you should be able to locate a code to text ratio checker. On the tool, you need to share your page URL. Make sure to http:// before you enter the website link. The results will share with you page size, code size, text size and code to text ratio.

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