From the date of an accident, you have three years to settle your injury claims.  This is a more extended deadline for most applications including clinical negligence, any asbestos exposure claims, and hearing loss claims but should never be overlooked.

If you wait this long before you file your claims, unexpected and usually very damaging things may happen, and these may result in failure of your injury claims.  From fading memory to discarded security camera footages, anything can come between you and settling your claims.

Why Make Your Claims Early?

1.Take Advantage Of Fresh Memory

If you wait too long, your memory, as well as your witnesses’ memory, may soon fade with time. Crucial evidence may be forgotten and any information that can help you settle like the exact place it happened, the time of the accident and so on may already be forgotten.

2. No Need To Track Down Witnesses

Anything could happen in three years; you might move or change work which may also occur to your witnesses.  People may leave town, change names or get laid off from a job and these could make it very hard to track down people you need to ask about your claim.

3. Still Intact CCTV Footage

CCTV recordings are usually kept for at least a month. The establishment owner or security manager may delete the footage after a few months so waiting for a few years to file a claim will make it harder to find CCTV evidence to support your claims.

4. Avoid Law Changes

Local and international laws may change on a regular basis. The more you delay filing an application, the more likely you reduce your prospects of success. If your claim may be affected by any local law, It would be harder, but with the help of expert solicitors, you may increase your chances of winning.

5. Avoid Companies Going Out Of Business   

If you want to file a claim against a company or business,  you need to do it fast; otherwise, these businesses could close down, change company address or may become very hard to contact.  All these can definitely affect your success.

Solicitors in Skelmersdale are ready to help you with any type of claim, BUT the first step has to come from you. Don’t delay filing your personal injury and work injury claims. You’ll significantly increase your chances when you file an early application.

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