Pop-ups are either loved by viewers or despised yet they have potential actions. Digital marketers are well-aware of this fact and the importance of pop-ups.

In some cases, pop-ups can be a total scam. Whereas these can come off strongly if you are up for a hard sell. Hence if you analyze them in-depth, they have quite some benefits.

Today, we will share with you 5 secrets to effective sales funnel pop-ups. Though the majority of us don’t like pop-ups yet we can’t ignore their effectiveness.

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Types of pop-ups

Pop-ups are of various types each with certain uses. So below we have jotted down these common pop-ups.

1- Exit-intent popup

When a visitor is about to leave a particular page/site, this kind of pop-up shows.

2- Content-based popup

These pop-ups appear on specific steps of a funnel or certain pages of the sites.

3-Time-based popup

These sorts of pop-ups appear during a specific time span.

4- scroll-based popup

When a user scrolls through a specific percentage of the page, these pop-ups appear.

5 Secrets to Effective Sales Funnel Popups

Here are those secrets that will be of great help to marketers.

1- A compelling copy

Without a compelling copy, there is no point in a pop-up, no matter how good it is. If you won’t tell the visitors about what you have to offer. Or about the things they should take action for, then pop-ups do nothing.

Conversion-driven copies are a great deal for pop-ups. These in fact are like brownie points and remind you to leverage them. But if writing is not your expertise or you can’t hire copywriters.

Here’s the kicker!

Funnel Scripts is a tool used to generate powerful sales and marketing copies. So you can use it to create your own compelling copies. Also, this tool is great for developing copywriter skills.

2- Clarity and Relevancy

Next, a good pop-up is the one where you won’t witness cluttered information. If your pop-up contains too much information, it might confuse the visitors. As a result, this would put-off from converting into customers.

Here’s the deal!

The pop-up must have clarity and relevancy of the information. Try to be as clear to the offer as possible and keep the relevant information as a headline.

3- Test your popups

Testing can be a critical point in any process and one must go for it. In the case of pop-ups, you can test the CTA button formats, layouts, and their effectiveness.

Moreover, if you have various pop-up ideas in your mind then testing can help a lot. With the difference in performance, the one with ideal results can be a usable pop-up.

A lot of you may not know this but you can test up to 3 variants of your page. Hence if you have more variant of pop-up in your funnel step use Clickfunnels to test them.

Below are the most crucial elements that need testing in a pop-up:

  • Headline
  • Imagery
  • Call-to-action Button design
  • Body Copy
  • CTA Copy

4- Social Proof

This might be an overused element yet it is still worthy. To engage your visitors Social Proof is an effective tool. It will compel the visitors into taking actions the pop-up tells them off.

Social proofs can be social shares, feedbacks, and testimonials, etc. These ensure to visitors that you are serious about the offers. Also, ensures that you have proof but don’t forget to keep this element short.

5- Design

An appealing design has a different impact on the pop-up. While designing the pop-up, consider a few core elements. These include logo, fonts, an image, branding graphics, and button design.

It only gets better!

You have read about all these important secrets about pop-ups. Now, you can create your desired pop-up that brings hefty conversions.


Pop-ups can be a great tool, a source to grab the attention of the visitors. In fact, you can get various potential clients if your pop-ups are useful.

The benefits of pop-ups include lead generation, saving a sale. And the foremost important plus point is that these hold the attention of others. Hence start creating engaging, captivating pop-ups with the help of the above-mentioned secrets.

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