Air compressors are considered to be devices or machines which are mainly used to increase pressure in gases or fluids. Air compressors have a wide range of applications and are being used in many industrial sites, refrigeration, air conditioning, propelling gases through pipes, etc.

Air compressors Brisbanehave a wide variety of air compressors of different types, sizes, configurations, and structures. In terms of size, there are compressors that are small to inflate types and these fit in a glove box. On the other hand, there are large turbo air compressors which are usually used in pipeline industries for various compression services.

Working of air compressors:

Air compressors are mechanical devices. This device is used to convert electricity into potential energy. This potential energy is then stored or locked up in pressurized air. The conversion is done using an electric motor or a gasoline engine. There are many other methods followed. In one of the methods, the compressor gets as much air as possible into a storage tank for compression.

When air exceeds the limit or when the storage tank is full, the air compressor is switched off. The air stored in the tank remains there until it is used for something. The air inside the storage tank has a wide range of applications. When the stored air is used, the air compressor is turned on again, and it starts collecting air into the storage tank for future use.

Classification of air compressors:

Air compressors are classified into three basic types on the basis of pressure they deliver. The three types of air oppressors are listed below

  • Low-pressure air compressors: The low-pressure air compressors deliver very low pressure. The discharge pressure of about 150 psi or lower. It is widely used in the industrial field.
  • Medium pressure air compressors: The medium pressure air compressors deliver a medium pressure.  The discharge pressure of about 151 psi to 1000 psi. It is widely used in power plants and industrial sites.
  • High-pressure air compressors: The high-pressure air compressors deliver high pressure. The discharge pressure of about 1000 psi and above. These compressors are used for a wide range of applications where high-pressure compression is required. 

All the above-mentioned types have a wide range of applications in various fields. These machines and devices are considered to be the basic necessity of all the fields in which they are used. These compressors are also used to provide energy to machines and devices involving gas and pressure. They are widely being used in the industrial sectors in order to manufacture various kinds of products.

Air compressors Brisbaneoffer a wide range of services and different kinds of air compressors. Before purchasing an air compressor, all its features and configurations should be known. The size, type, and configuration of the air compressor to be purchased should be analyzed in order to avoid unnecessary issues with the machine in the future. The air compressor should also be maintained well for its long life span.

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