When love crosses borders, it makes hundreds of people to constantly look for visas for their partners for them to be together. From the many cases I have come across, I can say it is one of the most stressful processes anyone can go through.But for love, people will cross every bribe to be together no matter what it takes. I have gathered enough information to help peopleunderstand what they will be getting into if they decide it is time to get the partnership visa.Information that may be helpful to those with foreign spouses to make their application of partnership visas less stressful.It cannot be said to be like any other Migration & Visas Australia since the process involves a little more hitches that with patience, can finally bear fruits.

The first thing everyone needs to understand this king of visa is expensive. There is no good reason for that except maybe for making the need for two people to be together. That is why some people have branded it the love tax. In some countries, the costs involved includehealth examinations, police checks, andmigration agent lawyers. Secondly, it is important to know that the whole visa application can take as long as more than a year to finally get it. It may take a long time to even hear little from the migration department on how far the application has gone. Another interesting thing about the application of partnership visa is that it is not a requirement that you be together with your partner for a year if you are married. This is unlike the de facto method of visa application. It is also worth noting that you will need to show evidence at the migration department that the two of you are actually in a relationship. This may be more difficult to prove if the relationship is long distance.

As stated that they conduct checks on your partner, health checks are given a lot of consideration and the restrictionson it can be harsh.These checks are conducted also on the children if there is any. The migration department may need to know the health information to understand if I may turn out to a potential burden to the country’s healthcare system.Strangely, or weirdly, character can be a hindrance for your partner getting a visa if it is not dealt with upfront. It is expected that the one getting the visa be of good character and have good criminal records or else the whole process becomes useless.After the whole waiting process then the migration department finds out that your partner served a term of 12 and above months, just know that the process is a failure. This is information is just helpful to love birds where one is a foreigner. It does not mean that I am any kind of family and partner visa specialists, but it may helpmake you prepared for what to come.

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