Are you fond of collecting autographs online? If yes, you must regularly visit autograph websites that buy and sell autographs? Most auction websites will give you a wide range of autographs from eminent celebrities across the world. However, when you are looking for autographs on the Internet, you must ensure that the pieces sold to you are authentic and genuine!

Autograph auctions online- How to spot a fake autograph?

Experts from esteemed autograph auctions online say you should be careful when it comes to buying and selling autographs. If you are a newcomer to the world of autographs, you must know how to spot a fake autograph. It is prudent for you to study autographs physically in order to become a professional in the field. For instance, you can start off by testing the signature of the autograph. Take the autograph in hand and examine the signature on it carefully. Make sure it is not a stamp signature. This can be done if you run your thumb over the outline of the signature. In case, the signature is flat, it can be a fake. However, this signature checking technique will not work on items like fabric as it generally absorbs the whole ink. Here, you need to take out a magnifying glass and study the signature minutely to look for other clues that are visible to the naked eye.

Check signatures in the light

You can use the light method to check the authenticity of the signature of an autograph. Take the autograph and hold it up to a light. Check to see if the writing is too light- if yes, the autograph is a fake. There are some dubious people in the market that use autopens to make an autograph look real. Watch out for them and check the tunnels and bridges of the signature if it is made with an ink pen. The nib of the pen should cut through the ink that is wet to produce natural bridges and tunnels.

Turn the signature upside down to spot a fake

There are some experts that turn a signature upside down against an original signature of a celebrity to determine whether it is a fake item or not. Here, they often spot differences between the two and can identify a fake piece. Most of the time, it has been observed that the fake piece has been produced by the same individual.

Experts from credible autograph auctions online say that when you are looking for real autographs, you must have some education and knowledge about it. Make sure you are informed before you start buying or even selling autographs online. It does take time for you to understand how the world of autographs work however it is worth it if you really wish to collect rare items or even sell the autographs you collect for a good value of money. Real autographs are bought and sold on credible auction websites that have been in the market for some time and earned a reputation for themselves they further add!

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