Most of us are familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency and how it works. If you don’t, not to worry, a few minutes of scrolling through this article will enlighten you about everything that there is to know about Bitcoin, its price, and how good an investment opportunity it proves to be. Let us delve deeper into the world of bitcoin price!

Bitcoin is just one of the many cryptocurrencies that are in existence in today’s world. It is a type of blockchain currency with thousands of copies of the same blockchain distributed across the bitcoin network. All cryptocurrencies have a highly nuanced system of protection and security that consists of a decentralized approachwithout third-party involvement.

The Value of Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin is traded globally, sometimes it is trading at a higher price in a certain part of the world, and it may be cheaper in another.  The value of the best-known application of a blockchain- Bitcoin- depends on the major factor that directs fiat currencies and supply and demand. Due to the constantly increasing level of difficulty in mining Bitcoins, the number of bitcoins in circulation is limited. New ones are created as per the convenience andcryptographic hashing skills of the Bitcoin miners. This leads to a faster increase in the demandfor bitcoin than the increase in supply. Due to this difference between the supply and demand of this cryptocurrency, Bitcoin prices drive up. However, Bitcoin is a relatively small platform now, with a significant potential of expanding over the years. This makes the Bitcoin price fairly volatile as it would not take a very large sum of money to make the market prices fluctuate.

Factors influencing Bitcoin Price

Apart from the majorly contributing supply and demand factor, the price of Bitcoin is affected by several other elements.

  • There are other cryptocurrencies, which almost directly affects the value at which bitcoin stands in the market. But bitcoin remains unbeatable.
  • Cost of Bitcoin Production: The overall cost depends upon the level of difficulty of the cryptographic mathematical problems that miners are required to solve, competing with each other. The more miners that become part of this bitcoin network, the more difficult it is expected to rise, which only makes BTC more expensive.

All in all, trading in bitcoin is not similar to that in the share markets due to no central repository of data and an absence of middle management. The factors that influence stocks’ values do not apply in this market, which makes it a little more unpredictable than our typical investment options.

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