Are you planning to buy a new canvas bell tent? Then this guide, for purchasing the right canvas bell tent, is made just for you. Canvas bell tents are the most popular tents in the market, and they outsell nylon tents because they are insulating, breathable, waterproof as well as environment-friendly.

The bell tent is constructed in such a way that it has a central pole. This central pole provides excellent support to the canvas. This is why the bell tent is famous as is known for its classical shape. The ropes on the bell tent provide stability and give it an A-frame. The bell tent is used for giving human shelter, for leisure activities, as well as travelling.

The bell tent is designed as well as constructed in such a way that it provides stability to the canvas bell tent. The balance of the tent is further reinforced with the help of the guy ropes, which are connected to the top of the bell tent walls.

  1. Space as well as materials used in the making of bell tents

From the central point, the bell tents are about 2.5 to 3 meters high; and this is why there is plenty of space inside the tent. The owner can roam inside the tent freely. The standard canvas bell tents are made up of 285 gsm canvas. But the bell tents which are meant to be used for durable as well as more extended periods are made up of thicker canvas. Therefore, it is advisable that the buyer opts for a canvas bell tent which is made up of 320 gsm canvas.

  • Usage

The reason why bell tents are more appealable is because of their versatility. The canvas bell tents are great for providing space for camping as there is a lot of headroom available. Not only the process of pitching the canvas bell tent is very easy, it also doesn’t consume a lot of time. These tents are very pleasing aesthetically, and this is why they are used for various other purposes. The canvas bell tents can be used as a temporary room for guests and can be used as a relaxation place in your backyard. Bell tents can also be used for children’s birthday party. Another reason why the canvas bell tents are loved is that the canvas which is used in these tents is blank. So, the user can decorate the tent as per their wish, and the tent can be a reflection of their personality. The user can also choose to decorate it with waterproof paint. It’s a huge canvas that can help you in showcasing your art skills.

  • The size of the canvas Bell tent 

Majority of the canvas bell tents come in 3 standard sizes, and they are 4, 5, and 6 meters. For a group of 2-3 people, a 4-meter canvas bell tent is the best option. For a family, a canvas bell tent of 5 meters is the best choice, and around 4 to 6 people can sleep in the tent comfortably. For about eight adults, a 6-meter canvas bell tent is of the perfect size.

One thing to keep in mind while pitching the tent is that the guy ropes can extend. Still, it can extend up to 1 meter, so when the pitching of the tent is going on remember that a canvas bell tent of 4 meters will require about six sqm of space, a tent of 5 meters will need about 7sqm space and a bell tent of about 6 meters will require about eight sqm of space.

  • Weight

The average weight of the bell tent starts from 25kgs, and the heaviest of the lot is the 50 kgs one which is the 6 meter one.

  • General care

Keep in mind that the canvas turns heavier once it’s wet. But the water helps the canvas in sealing the bell tent properly. You can also pitch it in their backyard and spray water on it with the help of a hose. Do not forget to zip everything first before pouring water on it. For drying the tent, use a dehumidifier or dry it under the sun. It is advisable to get the tent cleaned properly through a service.  

The canvas bell tents are the best option for the people who love to camp or are looking for a tent that will beautify their backyard. The bell tents are the sturdiest tent of them all. 

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