Digital Identity is a very popular concept on the internet, it has reached in different fields, this allows better ways to identify or recognize someone’s identity on the internet. Digital identity is all the usernames, passwords of online accounts, social media activities, browsing history, digital photographs and documentation and many more. All of the digital information somewhere on the internet which is directly or indirectly linked to you is your digital identity. The importance of digital identity Middle East are given below:


These are fingerprint scans, iris scans or face scans that are used these days in identification purposes of issuing of mobile sims and also are used in various devices such as mobiles and tablets for the purposes of allowing access to the devices. Biometrics are used in a variety of other purposes and are a type of digital identity which are directly linked to us.

What Else

Digital identification proofs and driving licenses are slowly becoming popular, very soon in the US, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands, which means these licenses and IDs will be stored into the smartphones and will be more secure and convenient to use.

The UN and World bank have started up and initiative from 2017 and are working on it to provide a legal ID to every person on the planet by 2030.

Old method of using traditional passwords and usernames is becoming less used, websites are nowadays using other different techniques and algorithms by which the website can verify a user by behavioural analysis on the internet, biometrics such as fingerprints, face recognition, iris scan, etc. device recognition or by other different methods which are evolving very fast, these IDs can’t be stolen or misused and are indirectly or directly linked to you, this prevents validation on the website using documentation which could have been stolen or faked.

Are Digital IDs The Next Big Thing?

Digital IDs will soon start to come in effect where there yet not used such as in businesses, airports, banks, and in the fields of human resources, healthcare, government offices, etc. where the ID verification is very sensitive, and real documentation verification is required. Digital IDs will be soon used as a more reliable and complex matrix is being developed to verify digital IDs in such places. This will safeguard the information and will keep the data more secure and reduce the chances of faking or stealing the IDs.Digital IDs are very important these days on social media websites, most of the social media websites allow users to login using device recognition and picture ID verification and also biometric scans. Also apart from social media verification, various sites can track your online behaviour human verification which was traditionally done using captcha, in most of the sites captcha verification is replaced by digital footprint verification and soon will be common on all of the websites.

Governments of various places have allowed using biometrics on your mobile devices to access various governmental facilities online by linking your biometrics to your physical IDs and from your device and from your mobile number. This makes your online authentication easier and provides better convenience through it, people with biometric scanners in their devices can avail these facilities easily online with the help of digital IDs.

Digital IDs are the new future of conventional regular ID verification, soon popularity of digital identity uae and other regions throughout the globe. Although many websites use digital IDs and it is used in various other places but people aren’t aware of its presence. The knowledge and the benefits of the digital IDs should be explained to everyone and everyone must be aware of it so that they can have the full benefit of it.

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