Before hitting the publish button, you need to curate the online sales page of your courses on your course platform. A sales page or a landing page consists of all the information like course description, FAQs, learners’ testimonial, table of content etc. The page contains all the information that influences buyers’ decisions. The page describes all the course information that persuades someone to enrol in it. That being said, this is the page that people visit before they decide to sign up or leave the platform.

Before designing the whole course page, we need to answer these questions:

  • What does it help them do?.
  • Why is that beneficial to them?

When you have the answers, just go ahead & do the whole framework.  The answer becomes the USP that you must display.

How To Create A Course Sales Page To Promote Online Courses

If you are using the online course website through Spayee, your landing page is pre-designed and fully-customisable. You can edit it as per your branding guidelines or use it as it is. The landing page is pretty in-depth.

A Compelling Headline

This headline is aimed at grabbing your reader’s attention. It encourages them to begin & continue reading the whole page. It’s a curiosity that you build & in order to feed that, they keep on scrolling. Think about an ad which is a page long & you can give away all the important information on here.

The Opening Story

The headline is done. Next, talk about the present problems that they are experiencing & the cost of not solving it. Show your readers that you are more than capable to understand their current pain & solving it. This serves as a solution for your online course.

The Solution (Your Online Course)

So you’ve described the problem well enough. You have also demonstrated the cost of not solving it. It’s time to present your course as a solution. This would be your next step. Now, you got to explain precisely what exactly your online course teaches. Show them how it would save your learners a lot of pain & frustration.

The Benefits

Take it as a value proposition exercise. Clearly state what are the benefits that the course brings. Give bullet points & explain those points reasonably.


Bonuses are like free gifts which you give to your learners in order to charm them & provide 10X value. You need to gather and list out the bonus materials. Include them in your course. You need to cover them in the section on adding value to your course. These bonuses do supplement your course content & enhance the overall learning experience.


Testimonials or social proof helps you convince your target audience that you are good enough. If they listen to other learners who recommend your course, it has the power to influence their buying decision. Ask your students to rate your course & provide a review. Use it to gauge more learners.

With Spayee, you also have the option to collect reviews from your students and display those reviews on your course sales page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ section covers the last-minute objections & confusions that doesn’t let the buyer take an instant decision. Get the help of beta users to understand the topics in which usually they face difficulty.


Technically, when you are Create and sell online courses using Spayee, you can create multiple payment plans with different validity variants. The Purchase Buttons are also automatically placed at the relevant places of your Spayee course page. That being said, it is still a good idea to give them a CTA or call to action. Tell them to actually sign up.

Creating a sales page like this for your online course is pretty simple in Spayee. Their new page builder allows you to create interactive & breathing landing pages.

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