Higher education in Poland grows with each passing year, offering students much better teaching conditions, perfect preparation for the profession, making a career in foreign companies, as well as newer, more interesting fields of study fitting into the realities of today’s market.

In addition, in Poland, you can find more international universities every year, where people from Poland are studying. One of the first universities to meet contemporary market expectations and also opened international majors is the University of Economics and Computer Science in Kraków, commonly known as WSEI Kraków.

What makes WSEI stand out?

WSEI from Krakow was established in 2000, and therefore has almost 20 years of activity. Thousands of students flocked through the university during this time, most of which ended their education with successes. The campus of the university is located in the beautiful district of Krakow, which is a truly multicultural, open and full of opportunities city. At WSEI, you can study modern majors, such as Computer Science and Econometrics, Management or Finance and Accounting, which prepare you for work in the most desirable areas of business today.

Classes at the university are conducted in an innovative way, building unique skills in students. The College of Economics and Computer Science is an international university, where classes are mainly conducted in English. Everything indicates that the opportunity to study in a multicultural group, a modern approach and specialized staff of lecturers who are practical experts in their fields are a guarantee of work after graduation.

University of Economics and Information Technology guarantees work

The University of WSEI from Krakow is a school that primarily focuses on the multidimensional development of students, teaching skills useful in the market and opening opportunities for later work in dream jobs. The teaching method and additional programs offered by this higher school mean that a significant proportion of students already during their studies or shortly after it (within six months) find a job in the profession.

The University of Economics and Computer Science from Kraków guarantees the care of the international faculty of lecturers who prepare students for the profession not only on the technical side, theoretical but also practical. WSEI graduates are entering the labor market with proficiency in language, experience and experience in international contacts. Thanks to the ability to run their own projects and develop their own technological ideas, students finish the university with products and skills ready to be released on the market. This is an indisputable guarantee of getting a job right after graduation.

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