Maintain an impressive public identity is vital for all modern companies in order to cope up with the high level of competition prevalent in the marketplace. Joe Cianciotto mentions that executive creative directors are the ones responsible for developing the public identity of a company through various mediums, like TV, web, and print.  Mr. Cianciotto himself has worked in the role of an executive creative director and hence is well versed with the tasks the people belonging to this profession are required to perform.  He mentions that much like their job title implies, the executive creative directors are required to develop creative and innovative strategies to help boost the image of a company.

While the job role of an executive creative director can be quite exciting, there are multiple taxing aspects involved in it as well. Joe Cianciotto underlines that these professionals often have to deal with difficulties in communication, deadlines, as well the problem of keeping all parties happy when they do not agree. However, with the right approach and skill set, people can surely ace this role and climb the ladder of success.

According to Joe Cianciotto, there are certain skills and qualities that can significantly help executive creative directors to do their job properly. Here are a few of them:

  • Resilience: Due to the nature of their work, it is crucial for these professionals to be resilient. They often have to deal with frustrated designers and angry clients, and hence it is important that they are able to handle all types of tough situations without backing down. Executive creative directors need to work with the egos of others, while also making their own stance clear.
  • Focus: Like almost every other type of professionals, creative directors need to be focused on their work. In addition to focusing on the intricacies of the project they are working on, these professionals must also think about the bigger picture. Only with absolute focus can they make sure that their project is headed in the right direction.
  • Imagination: Creativity, innovation, and imagination are vital to the job role of an executive creative director. Managing a creative project is not enough, these professionals should also have the competency to develop a project from scratch and give it a wonderful shape. 
  • Diplomacy: All executive roles, diplomacy is a key tool these professionals must be equipped with. They have to master the balance of morale and discipline, so as to make sure that all the employees working under them do their job properly.
  • Courage:  Failure is just one aspect of life, and hence these professionals must not be afraid to fail. They should try to bring innovations in their work process and take risks, in order to grow and flourish. Being afraid to fail often results in creating projects that are monotonous and drab.

Joe Cianciotto mentions that in addition to the above-mentioned qualities, an executive creative director also must have an impeccable design sense.

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