Films are an important part of packaging process. It helps one person or company to pack the materials cleanly and help it stay fresh and natural for the long. Apart from packaging, films are also used upon various objects to make them durable for the uses. Film coating has been used for a very long period of time. It can be both for functional and decorative. Coatings are applied one the surface of objects, sometimes called substrate. The coating of the film is applied on these substrates to change the properties of corrosive, wet ability and adhesive.

Now coating of products cannot be done suddenly. It requires a certain level of understanding and information. Coating of films is done at a controlled thickness and involves certain levels of process to achieve this product. Many industrial coating processes involve the thin film of functional material which is the substrate like paper, film, foil or fabric.

Food is the most vital thing for humans. It is very delicate and can be disturbed very easily. Food s that have been prepared before-hand needs to be guarded well from moisture, light and oxygen. These are done so by the metal coated films like mainly aluminium. Aluminium foil is a glossy, lightweight roll which is capable of preventing the attacks of any of those mentioned at the top on the food. Apart from aluminum, chromium and nickel are also used for the physical vapor deposition process.

For the process of metallization propylene and propylene terephtalate(PET) is mainly used. Other metals that are included sometimes are polyethylene, nylon and cast propylene are also used. High barrier film can be used to protect medicines too. The trip o the medicines have coatings of aluminum that safeguards then from light, moisture and oxygen. These are important for the medicines an otherwise they would lose their capability to heal and might get wet too if they are containing hygroscopic substances.

Just like the high barrier films, the coated films too have barrier facilities. Coated films are produced under highly controlled environment to make them worthy for the reasons they are made. It is also made in such environments to make them approved for international standards. It is more safe than over 5 times of PVC coatings.


  • These coatings are made up of extremely good quality materials and in an extremely controlled unit to make the best coatings which can barrier the things it needs to like oxygen, water vapour and light.
  • The transparency of the coatings makes it ideal for printing.
  • The strength possessed by these thin films are amazing as they are almost untenable.

These are the points that make the coated films extremely necessary to be applied on objects or consumables that can be easily destroyed.

These films are also capable of trapping the air within them. As a result of this feature it is used by many scent making companies to trap their aroma within the bottles of the packages and the scent.

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