Renting audio-visual (AV) equipment is one of the most important items in the list of necessities to make an event successful.  You can’t rent just any generic brand of equipment from a business you’ve pulled off the internet after a five-minute search and expect miracles, after all.  But how do you make the critical choices for the best results?

Basic Tips

Some of the tips you will find useful about equipment rental in Orlando, FL, are simply common sense.  This includes getting an early start on deciding the kind of equipment you will need.  Related to that is the importance of asking the right people for advice on choosing the equipment – start with the people who will need it at your event.  If they’re experienced, they’ll know exactly what’s needed, from microphones and speakers to lighting, wiring and power sources in addition to the best brands available. 

Whether the venue where the event is scheduled would provide any equipment, and is it included in the fee you’re paying? You’ll also need to know if the location chosen for your presentation has the infrastructure to support the equipment and the power required.  Even something as basic as a reliable Wi-Fi service is critical – you need to be sure the location you chose has it and that the service is reliable.

Find a Quality Rental Service

Finding a good (or the best) equipment rental provider is the most important item on your event agenda.  To reduce the stress and confusion inherent to planning an event, get an AV equipment provider that is more of a “one-stop shop”.  You’ll save yourself the anxiety and effort of dealing with multiple providers to get the equipment needed, and you’ll avoid a provider that subcontracts equipment rentals to yet another provider.  Keep it simple!  Also, if you are having one company supply everything, they may give you a better price (package deal)than you would get with several providers. 

Consider a provider in a larger city, especially one known for conferences and conventions.  Getting advice on equipment renter in Orlando, FL, would be ideal for those reasons.  There are many excellent audio visual rental companies there, including American Audio Visual.  Any experienced company worth its salt will not only be able to rent you whatever equipment you need, but to give advice on how to stage it and use it.  The best companies will give good advice on how to showcase your presentation, including the kinds and sizes of screens needed, draping, overhead lighting, and even seating for attendees. 

Despite the wealth of providers that offer equipment rentals in Orlando, Florida, choose your provider with care.  While a large company with solid experience may have everything you need in stock, a provider has to offer more than just ample equipment stores.  They must be skilled in the artistry of creating an event, meaning for even simple things like lights, they are not a static display but a multi-colored, moving, display of color and energy that highlights the speaker.

Don’t scrimp on the materials or the knowledge needed to make your next event a masterful performance; consult American Audio Visual.

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