Today we came across several churches in and around the globe. But there is a church namely shincheonji church situated in South Korea and in short, it is successfully called an SCJ south Korea cult. The creator of this church Lee man-hee is such a great personality who is well reputed in his bible teachings. This church has a huge craze in the name of the bible study place. People from different parts of the world are coming to this religious place to get graduated in bible study. You know a year ago, approximately 100,000 people got graduated from this shincheonji church of Jesus for the successful completion of bible study. It is a memorable moment to the creator Lee man-hee.

Of course, some people even portray that this shincheonji is a god’s place but not as a south Korea cult like that.

Some more information to know about the activities of this church;

  • Generally, members of this SCJ church do communicate with their family members through telegrams only. It is strictly followed by the members of this church due to some security reasons.
  • In this church, worship is all and everything. Members of this church must have to participate in sessions of worship. If any of the members don’t attend, he/ she would need to participate in alternate worship sessions. And for suppose, if any of the members don’t attend at all, he/she will be suspected immediately.
  • Like all other churches, this SCJ church does grab the attention of the number of people to join in their church. But this church is very careful in recruiting the member of those who becomes evangelists and sometimes these people take much time to recruit especially they enquire well about the people’s interest and faith on Jesus or not.
  • This church is something special in recruiting people like a recruitment booth especially on streets and all. Of course, the recruitment drive is legitimate only and this SCJ church is organized their people in the form of groups like voluntary groups and all to reach the people and get their contact number. Moreover, they do even recruit through online surveys and some personality tests that are done online only.


Hence the research reports that the above information defines this church is very particular in hiring its members and putting out strict rules for some security reasons. Anyhow this church is the best place to acquire graduation in bible study. This is why the craze of this church has gone all around the world.

By peter

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