Corporate travel is a part and parcel of any business, throughout the globe. For the growth of a business, it is essential to communicate and collaborate with the clients and partners seeking solutions, globally. Although corporate business travel management is not a new phenomenon, in the past few decades there have been some major changes that the world has witnessed. The changes this has brought in the corporate world is what this article ponders upon.

What Is Changing In The Arena Of Business Travel?

With the constant need for sending teams to travel the seven seas to close deals or convince the clients, a thorough and robust system which tracks each and every detail of the journey is required.

Much More Personalized Now: The advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence have made the process of business travel so much personalized today. This is one of the primary changes one can notice in this era. Basically, there is an AI that presents you with contextual information which pertains to you.

Prices Have Gone Up: Today when business travel is an industry on its own, it generates a huge amount of money. The overall expenditure amount has also gone up in recent years. While hotels, dry cleaning, and late checkout services which were charged earlier, too; the newer facilities like the wi-fi are also being included in the package today.

Employees Open To New Experiences: While flying business class was a norm, today economy-sharing is not looked down at. The employees today are willing to get experience from an Airbnb instead of staying at a high-end hotel. Options like Airbnb enables them to get a taste of the local ethnicity and culture as opposed to the five-star hotels.

Ridesharing: This is another factor which presents a change. People are increasingly open to ride or cab sharing as opposed to what was happening in yesteryears. This has its own set of pros when considering the lesser amount of carbon footprint.

Digital Security: This is the most important change that we have seen in the current times. Increased digital security is what one strives for and today’s business travel allows the employees to have all of it. Gaps in digital security are a thing of the past now.

Be it for closing deals, networking or meeting clients, companies send their teams of employees to reach out to the other parties across the world. This has led to the world becoming a smaller place for business travelling. This has, therefore, given rise to the need for having a corporate business travel management.  A team that chalks

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