Every business has data that it needs to keep private, away from the eyes of both competitors and fraudsters looking to pull scams like identify theft. The best safeguard possible is destroying all such data. There are professional companies which offer several commercial shredding services which can help your company today.

Read on to learn more about how they can help your business.

On-Site Shredding Services

Some professional shredding services are willing to come directly to you. They have a mobile shredding truck that is fully equipped to totally and confidentially shred your sensitive data from right on your premises.

You can make a one-time appointment or schedule regular monthly shredding. The company can give you security consoles or locked bins in which to keep your sensitive data. Then, at a regular interval agreed to by both parties, the destruction service will pick up the material and shred it.

This option is perfect for common paper documents that can pose potential security threats, such as: legal documents, tax filings, business contracts, pay roll information; business plans; agreements; presentation; employee details; HR information; and lots more.

Off-Site Shredding Services

With this option, the company comes to your premises to collect the data to be destroyed, but does the actual destroying at their own facility. This might be your preference, but it also permits the company to destroy more kinds of uncommon documents beyond paper. These may include: ID cards; access cards; uniforms; promotional material; a wide range of electronic devices and more.

Sensitive data is commonly found on paper documents or on electronics, but real professionals ensure there is no vulnerability whatsoever, and are capable of safely disposing of data in all its forms.

Electronic Data Destruction

Beyond paper, electronics are what’s most likely to contain data you want confidential. Some such devices include: cell phones, laptops, hard drives and flash drives, photo copier and printer memory cards and more.

It’s not enough to physically damage the devices or even throw them into a bin: the data on the machines or hard drives needs to be rendered totally unrecoverable. What pieces remain should be recycled properly, just like shredded paper.

It’s recommended that all electronic devices be disposed of in this way, as people are unlikely to go back through old machines and give them a full and thorough audit to make sure that it contains absolutely no sensitive data. The safest thing to do is just have it destroyed by a professional.

After your documents have been fully destroyed, expect the company to issue a certification of completion, testifying that the destroyed data officially no longer poses any threat of a data breach.

It’s scary how large, seemingly impenetrable companies and even political parties have been hacked by bad actors. It’s best to do everything possible to keep your sensitive data safe, in order to make identity theft perpetrated against you impossible. The safest course of action is just to hire the professionals, so they can totally destroy it.

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