Preschools in several cases mark the first exercise,wherein a child steps out of the safe and comfortable environments of their homes,to be exposed to the outside world. Preschools serve as a link between toddlers and the beginning of their formal education in a school.

Preschools help ease up the process of toddlers transitioning into school goers. It can be especially intimidating to children to have to leave their homes and parents for long hours to spend time amongst complete strangers. Preschools help children make good beginning in this direction by prepping them up for it.

Preschools are places wherein a child’s foundation for lifelong progress is laid down. In fact, researches reveal that a high-quality preschool education is helpful in positioning children for attaining academic success later in their lives.

But how do you as a parent know which preschool is the best for your child?

Quality of teaching

Well, at the first glance a preschool might look a lot like a play school to you but please don’t get any false notions.

Games and plays are important tools in education, especially for children at such a tender age as preschoolers. There are some significant things that students pickup, while doing what might seem to be an insignificant activity to adults. For instance, when playfully mixing colors in a tray, they learn the fundamentals of colors.

Besides aiding in this spontaneous development in their  intelligence, some of the best school franchises for pre-education also help teach lessons of cooperation, collaboration and sharing, to name a few, to students. Proficient teachers understand that toddlers have a very short attention span and the best way to teach them is to get them involved in things that they find interesting, like group activities.

Environment in the classroom

Checking out the environment within a preschool is also of utmost importance, as you will need to ensure that it is perfectly safe and hygienic for your child to be in. Classrooms within preschools must have an open floor plan with low tables, chairs, shelves and a visible bathroom section. Safety features such as covered sockets, toys without sharp edges, safe storage for objects such as paints or objects of dangerous nature are a few things to take note of in this respect.

Things such as books, blocks or dolls should be freely accessible to students without adult intervention. A good preschool maintains an environment that is conducive to everything toddlers do, even pretend play.

Attention to student performance

A strong preschool program is one that keeps track of the individual development of children. Some of the best school franchises in India for early education make use of well-created evaluation techniques for testing the academic, social and emotional growth of the children.

These non-academic assessments are actually helpful for teachers and parents in measuring important development traits and motor skills in students. These traits could include an understanding of what is being asked of them, readiness to try out new tasks, social skills, self-esteem and so on.

Preschools could also be vital in helping identify if there are any developmental delays or health problems in a child.

Interactions between student and staff

Preschool teachers are more like stand-in parents for toddlers and young children learn better when they can emotionally connect and feel cared for. It is therefore, very essential for teachers to interact with students at their level and individually.

Small but key activities, such as making eye contact with students or little interchanges, can get them to involve children in conversations, thus developing the latters’ language abilities. Again, helping toddlers tie their shoe laces, tending to their minor injuries, or even changing their pants after bathroom accidents will aid teachers in creating bonds with students, thus giving them a base to explore further.

Finding the right kind of preschool environment for your child could in fact be one of the most essential things that you could do for them at this stage.

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