Buying a second-hand car is one very important and costly investment. For this, buyers need to check on various details about a car. However, not everybody thinks it is very important to get the REVS check to be done before purchasing a car. Thus, let’s take a close look to know more about REVs inspection before buying the used car. It isn’t your typical post of checking for some conditions on the car. It is not the post about testing for various things that will be highly suitable for the mechanic to check.

What will you know from REVs Check?

With REVs Check, you may easily know if a car is defected which you want to buy. You will find out if the car is stolen or not since all records are stored at a register of the vehicles.

How to do REVS Check?

It is very simple and easy! To check VIN, you need to go to any website providing such service and enter your car VIN that you will buy. Then it will look for the complete information from the Australian State & Territory REVs Databases & REVs QLD in a very short time. After the quick check, it may tell you credible history of a car.

Is this check free?

Yes, one can check their car’s history totally free. You just need to get Vehicle Identification Number from your door jamb. After that, Google for free service & enter your car VIN and look for your car history. However, keep in mind, report might not be completely accurate.

What Type Of Information Is Required To Get Revs Certificate?

There’re many things that you have to do in order to get the certificate and it includes:

  • Registration state (though not mandatory, but necessary)
  • Registration number (recommended)
  • Vehicle identification number (mandatory)
  • Engine number

If you’re having a tough time finding all these numbers, you may take help from the mechanic or you can contact the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Final Verdict

It will be good to get the credible and reliable information about a car that you want to buy. This will ensure that you have trouble-free car dealing as well as allow you to feel safe about a car that you are going to buy. This might cost you some dollars but it will bring you safety for many dollars.

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