CBSE class 8 and class 9 has the topics that will come to use throughout our lives. These topics are the foundational topic that is necessary to understand the concepts and to avoid difficulty in future studies. For instance, class 8 Maths has topics like square roots and cube roots, mensuration, exponents and powers, practical geometry, proportions, graphs and algebraic expression, which are fundamental topics for all your future studies. Numerical problems from the above-mentioned topics are often asked in competitive examinations as a part of aptitude and reasoning.

Similarly, class 9 science introduces students to laws of motion, gravitation, work, force energy, sound, cells, tissues, organs and organ systems, health and disease, biogeochemical cycles, basic units of matter, elements, the structure of matter and so on. If you are planning to take science in your higher secondary school class 8 and class 9 science Maths and science are essential subjects to learn thoroughly.

Despite its importance, many students fail to get acquainted with class 8 and class 8 science and Maths topics. Students face difficulty when they have to learn advanced topics in higher classes. Their situation will be like a building without a strong foundation. To get well-versed with the class8 and class 9 science and Maths topics, students should follow the below-mentioned tips.

Read and practice the chapters often

Students are advised to study and practice the concepts often until they get the knowledge provided in the textbook. Reading and practising repeatedly will not only help them in remembering essential formulas and derivations but also help to perceive the concepts in depth.

Solve NCERT Solutions

After the end of each subtopic in the textbook, there are exercise questions.  For instance NCERT Solution for class 9 science and Maths. Solving these NCERT solutions will boost confidence immensely. This will also help them in practising the questions and learn time management.

Solve NCERT Exemplar problems

NCERT provides a set of questions called as Exemplar. These are extra questions which will help the students in gaining in-depth knowledge of the concepts included in the textbook. Solving Exemplar also aids in solving problems of varied difficulty.

Starting point for competitive exam preparation

If students are planning to take a competitive examination in future CBSE class 8 and class 9 are the best resource to start with. It is observed that many questions from the topics of class 8 and class 9 subjects are asked in competitive examinations.

NCERT solutions for class 8 Maths has questions that are often paraphrased and asked in competitive exams. Solving these NCERT solutions will not only help you in practising the problem but also help you in practising time management, which is pivotal in competitive exams.

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