The language of English is known to be one of the most important languages spoken in Canada which has most of the population of Canada speaking or conversing in English with each other. There is a very small number of Canadians who speak in their second official language, which is french. The Canadians speak most of the English language since Canada is deeply twinned with the culture of the Americans. The people who speak english in Canada are known to be called the English Canadians which refers to the English speaking people.

If you wish or plan to visit Canada, if you have some knowledge about the language, you will do fine there, as the language of English in Canada is related to some important historical events which place this language on the top level.

Why English is favored more in Canada?

The language of English has its popularity among the people living there because of the people who speak English in Canada, as they have an ethnic origin and a heritage related to the language of English which is used as a contrast with the people speaking the french language. They tend to follow or speak this English language as most of the Canadians have a very strong historical root that is traceable to England or the other parts of the British Isles. Because of the favoritism in English, Canada has the two most famous language schools which have the latest technologies for the students with their wide range of facilities.

The schools have friendly staff and teachers and make all the efforts as they have so much importance of the English language in Canada as they consider English as their first and the only language, showing the results of the English fluency that reaches to around 90%.

What is the number of English speaking provinces?

The country of Canada is officially referred to as a bilingual country which is divided into 10 provinces and English is considered to be the principal language in all the provinces. If we make a note of it most of the English speaking Canadians live in Ontario which marks nearly 46%. Coming to the second level, the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta consist of 30% of the people speaking in English. The province which occupies a large number of people speaking in this language is the two provinces of the Newfoundland and the Labrador which nearly has the most percent at 985. These english speaking provinces have the most distinct form of accent and the kind of vocabulary they have in their spoken language.

They also have a different form of their spelling pattern as the principal difference they have is the ‘-ise’ and ‘-yse’. These provinces have a very different form of their language in terms of words and phrases. It holds an important place in every province, except the province of Quebec where French is considered more.

Hence, if you plan to travel to Canada, you need to have this English language with you as it is required in almost everything you do there.

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