Understanding the importance of education, one must achieve a special degree in India, which is to be done by B. Ed. it is said. If you want to become a teacher in a government school, then you have B.Ed. It is important to have a degree. Taking admission in Best B. Ed colleges in Dehradun will be beneficial for the candidate. B. Ed is a 2-year graduate course. To do B. Ed you must focus on education, culture and human value, academic psychology, academic assessment, education philosophy etc. If you do B.Ed., then you are ready to do the teaching work. If you have B.Ed. If you have not done so you cannot work as a teacher.

Eligibility for Taking Admission in Best B. Ed Colleges In Dehradun

Minimum qualification courses required for admission to B. Ed are from the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) and other graduates, with an accredited board /university with at least 50% marks.

There are lots of private and government colleges to bid. B. Ed from any government recognized college If you want to graduate, you should do it from any government college as it will save your money. These exams are usually held in the month of June-July. And in some states, it includes questions about English, common knowledge, experimentation, original arithmetic teaching ability and a local language. The results of these examinations usually come in July / August. Candidates go through practical training courses in addition to classroom classes.

Subjects List Offred by Best B. Ed colleges in Dehradun

If you are thinking that what you will have to read in the B. Ed, let us tell you what your subject will be in this course, you can see the B. Ed Subjects list below.

  • Education, Culture and Human Value
  • Educational assessment and assessment
  • educational Psychology
  • Guidance and consultation
  • Holistic education
  • Philosophy of education
  1. Ed fees

If you want to add a B, then you should tell that the duration of this course is 2 years. If you do it with B. Ed distances, then the fees are different for them and if you make a regulatory then it is different for them. The curriculum fee for regular classes is approximately 50,000-70,000. And the fee for the distance is less. If you do the B. Ed by government institutions, then you will have to pay a lower fee. The Himachal Pradesh University charges a fee of around 32,000 per year for B.Ed. Veer Kunwar Singh University took a fee of Rs 16,500 for B. Ed, whereas all private colleges in Kerala are about Rs 29,000.

Average starting salary

If you do B. Ed, then tell you that your starting salary can be between Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh as TGT teachers and PGT teachers will get an annual salary of 4 lakh-5 rupees.

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