It is a dream of majority of the students to qualify the tough entrance exam with a score of 700. But this dream is realized only by a few, since it requires sheer dedication, understanding, acquiring knowledge from the different topics covered and sincerity towards completion of the syllabus before time. this should be combined with periodical and frequent mock tests, which will further make the student confident about the exam and not fear the actual exam.

Scoring 700+

This number is viewed by aspiring students like a magic number and many tend to give the exam repeatedly to attain this number. Getting this magical number in gmat exam will help the student to be able to join the top 20 business schools in the country or even trying abroad. There are huge numbers of business schools that do take students scoring less than 700, but they are definitely not the top ones as desired. It is important and essential for each and every student to try his/her best to score high in the exam. this shows the individual’s competency and knowledge levels imbibed and readiness to take on further challenges in studies, career and life.

But it is essential to understand that the score in the exam is just a single component taken into consideration by the business school admission management committee. They will also have a proper look at the individual’s GPA, overall experience, admission essay, recommendations, and other aspects when providing their decisions for admission purpose and determining eligibility. Hence, 700+ score will mean, the student requiring to work very hard and get closer to the 92% of the others availing this test. hence, it can be termed to be an ambitious goal to achieve, but not an impossible one. it is hard work, sincerity and perseverance that will see the student through the exam and achieve this dream score. He/she needs to do well on both verbal and quantitative sections.

Time required to study score 700+

Getting 80% (650+) will require the average student to put in 50 hours of in-depth study. But those having good grasp over the English language and share excellent aptitude for the Math subject will require somewhat less time to achieve this goal. trying to take up the score to about 700+ which is by another 50 points will require the student to study intensely for another 2-3 hours. However, joining the best and reputed gmat coaching center will simply the entire studying process. The professionals will provide some simple, but effective steps, share some secrets to simply the studying process. They will make the tough looking vast syllabus, to be small, easy and be in a position to be completed quickly. The professional tutor is sure to pass on his/her rich experiences and knowledge to the aspiring students and share tips as to how the exam can be cracked and the magical score of 700+ be achieved. They will actually guide the students to become all the more efficient and proficient at problem solving.

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