The cheese is usually white in color because it is made from cows, sheep’s, or goat’s milk of the same color. Cheese discoloration occurs when a cow, sheep or goat is fed foods that cause colorants in their milk. There are so many different types of white cheese to be found on the market today.

Various white cheeses that taste delicious with a variety of dishes and of course the best wines.

A popular white cheese is feta, which is produced in Greece. It is smooth, moist, with a rough surface. Its aroma is spicy, and the taste is enhanced by the brine in which it is placed. It is an ideal addition to salads, pasta and Greek pastries. Combined with olive oil, walnuts or roasted peppers, it tastes amazing. The ripening period is two months and you can find it on sale in blocks dipped in brine. This is done by curdling milk to which microbial rennet has been added. Then the moisture is removed, after which it is drained, then cut and salted. The resulting product is compressed and placed in brine to cure. It is produced in Thessaly, Thrace, Macedonia, Lesvos and Peloponnese. It is made from a mixture of sheep and goat milk.

Another popular variety is mozzarella, a curd cheese that can be easily sliced ​​and served. It is a type of Italian cheese traditionally made from buffalo milk. Today it is made from cow’s milk. It is a white cheese that does not ripen like other types and is consumed fresh just a couple of hours after it is cooked. Has a fibrous and elastic texture. This can be done with pasteurized, unpasteurized, whole milk, or skim milk. It is used in a wide variety of dishes, from salads to seafood.

Ricotta is a white whey cheese from Italy. It is made from cow, sheep and goat or buffalo milk. It is made from whey left over from production. Ricotta cheese can be made with white milk or whey. Produced in dry form, in which the drainage process is extended to remove moisture. An extremely dry version is also available in which, after the drainage process is completed, it is pressed under a heavy weight and then aged for several months. Ricotta is used in cheesecakes and cannoli. Also served with fruit, chocolate chips.

Parmesan cheese Singapore is a dry Italian white cheese made from skimmed cow’s milk. It is valid for one year and four months. Although produced in many parts of the world today, it comes from Italy, and northern Italy has places known for producing a variety of cheeses. In some places, Parmesan matures for over two years, and sometimes for three to four years.

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