A lot of people love going t Asian restaurants these days because they love eating the varieties of delicacies that this continent has to offer.

So when it comes to check out the best Asian restaurants in Raleigh, then one can easily try the following places because they are not only popular but also they offer some unique experiences to the food lovers who want to taste Asian food.

Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant and Bar

This one located in Raleigh is a place where people can gather can celebrate Asian food together. They do offer some diverse food tradition and the name of the restaurant comes from a Sanskrit ceremonial term which means father and mother. The founder of this restaurant named it because of their parents love for food. Here, the dinner time is from 5 to 10 PM on weekdays and till 12 AM on weekends. This space according to the visitors always oozed out a sense of intimacy and this is a warm lit zone. One can get to see some art installations here by local artists and also some wooden furniture. When here, one must try the Manda’s herb salad and their Pad Thai along with Beef Larb. One can also accompany the food with some wine or cocktails.


This is kind of a space which has been created out of passion from the rock guitarist and a chef. Here, the menu is seasonally driven and one can try different flavors from India and Asia here. Here, the ingredients that are used have some particular southern flares and the dishes are created in such a unique way that they are delicate and a treat to the taste buds. Located in the downtown Raleigh of North Carolina, this place offers a casual dining experience to its customers. The space is very comfortable ye funky and one can try some great food with delicious cocktails here.

P.F Changs

This place has its roots in Chinese cooking and they offer some diverse cultural recipes that run through Asia. They have a lot of Asian inspired dishes and some very popular dishes among them are Vietnamese style soup bowls, hand rolled sushi, Chinese traditional dim sum and some beef entrees. They also offer some family style noodles which are amazing when it comes to taste. The best and unique thing about P F Changs is that they have a 2000 year old Asian tradition of wok cooking and they make food from scratch on a regular basis. They use some wholesome fresh ingredients and this makes the restaurant popular. One must try the  Chang’s lettuce wrap there because it is a secret family recipe. One can reserve their booking or can also order takeout.

Ni Asian Kitchen

This has an open style kitchen and it offers a memorable dining experience to their customers. Here the natural and fresh ingredients are used to make some nutritious foods. Also, this place has a cozy atmosphere.

One can always try the Bida manda Laotian restaurant and bar in this place or the other delicious ones located here..

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