Not only adults, but children have also now been victim of ear infection. – bacterial infection, wax-build-up, allergies, and various other yeast infections. Do you fear to visit a doctor and go through painful ear infection treatment! Then you must consider your ancestors and should follow the home remedies they used to follow and cure the ear infection naturally. Here presenting you with few home remedies which are safe and easy to follow. 

  • Use of Essential oils

 You can use various types of essential oils including lavender oil, lemon essential oils, coconut oil. Use of essential oils can be beneficial for both children and adults. Lemon oils have analgesic properties which will help you to reduce pain. Lavender oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help in curing ear infection. Messaging these oils behind the ear helps out to drain out the pain.

  • Use of sweet oils

Heat the oil and apply into the ear drop by drop. Allow it to rest for 10-15 mins and then clean it with a cotton ball. In most of the cases, ear infection is the result of wax accumulation which gives rise to infection. But this wax blockage can be easily removed with the help of sweet oil. Application of this oil will help you to soften the debris which can be easily removed by cotton-tipped swab or ear syringe. Don’t ever force the cotton-tipped swab into ear they can damage your eardrum. Be cautious while cleaning up the wax. You can get great discount skincare products online using Myglamm coupons.

  • Garlic Oil

Heat up a few drops of garlic oil and pour them into the infected ear using a dropper and allow it to settle for 10 minutes. As we all are aware, that garlic is a antimicrobial agent and can effectively heal the ear infection. The warm oil will help you to melt the built-up wax that may cause the infection to grow inside.

  • HydrogenPeroxide

Mix hydrogen peroxide and hot water in equal amount. Pour the warm mixture (not hot) into your ear and allow it to rest. Hydrogen peroxide is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It helps to degrade the was build up relieving you from the pain. The application of hydrogen peroxide can create a bubbling sound inside your ear due to carbon dioxide formation.

  • Tea tree oil for ear infection

Warm Teatree oil with few drops of olive oil and apply it into your ear.after waiting for 10-15 minutes tilt your head removing all the oils and the wax causing infection from your ear. You can repeat this process for a day or two to remove the infection. You can gently massage the back of your ear to get relief from the pain. Tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial properties against various bacterias and even viruses. The olive oil, in addition, soothes out the inflammation or infection if present.

  • Coconut oil

Pour a few drops of coconut oil into your ear. close and open your jaw so that the oil reaches all the corners of the ear canal. Close the ear with a cotton ball, to prevent leaking. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil are due to the presence of liposomal lauric acid present. Its analgesic and antibacterial properties make it completely safe to use to treat ear infections and other related problems. Follow this twice a day to get fast relief.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix apple cider vinegar and water and dip in a cotton ball into the mixture. Wring out the excess solution and place the cotton ball into the ear like an earplug. After waiting for 5-10 minutes remove the plug carefully. The anti-infective property of ACV will help to kill the microbes growing inside the ear.You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

  • Salt Sock for ear infection

Heat the salt in the oven and put it inside the sock. Tie the opening end of the socks and place it gently on the ear, you could even lie down with the salt sock under your ear. You can also use the rice alternatively as a warm compress, it works the same way. But remember rice takes longer to cool down, so check before you place. The heat and warm will draw out the moisture and the salt will absorb it reducing your swelling and pain.

  • Onion Juice

Take a small onion and heat it up in the oven. Noe takes the juice out and place it inside your ear drop by drop, Tilt your head after several minutes removing the excess juice from the ear. You can also use onion as a hot compress fr your ear in a similar way mentioned above. We often avoid onions due to its pungent smell and also as it tears up our eyes. But it has a variety of medicinal properties. Warm juice help to relieve ear infection as well as reduce the swelling. Repeat this as often as possible till all your pain vanishes.

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