Exercise is important in pregnancy. Exercise improves your immune system, improve blood circulation and enhance muscle recovery. It reduces aches and pains during the duration of your pregnancy.

Before starting any exercise first visit your doctor. Primary tests will help you to understand when your body will need exercise. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise. You can also discuss your queries in the pregnancy chat forum.

What Exercise To Do In Pregnancy

Most important it is extremely important to warm up, stretch and cool down during your workouts, this never changes despite the pregnancy.

Some Cardio Exercises:


It is the best cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women. It’s very easy to do and doesn’t require any equipment. A pair of comfortable shoes is enough and is safe to do throughout all nine months of pregnancy.


It provides cardiovascular benefits and reduces swelling. It is especially helpful for women with low back pain.

The best part of this type of exercise is it doesn’t put any strain on any joints and is highly effective.


Jogging is an excellent way to exercise your heart. It builds endurance during pregnancy. The intensity of your run depends mostly on you. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start on shorter routes before gradually building up to 30-minute runs.


Aerobic exercises strengthen your heart and tones your body as well.

Some Strength based exercise:


Yoga helps to tone muscle and helps to keep you flexible. But to give your heart a workout, you may have to add a walk or swim several times a week.


It is a great way to keep your body relaxed. It also prevents muscles from strain. Do add stretching to get a complete workout.


Slow and careful movements in weight training are a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles. Building strength during pregnancy will generally help to prepare you for all the baby lifting you’ll be doing soon!

Benefits of Doing Exercise In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, exercise should aim to:

•Increases heart rate steadily and improve circulation

•Reduces extra pregnancy weight gains

•prepare the muscles for labor and birth

•shorten the labor process

•Reduce Stress

•increase the chances of a natural birth

•Speed up recovery after delivery

When You Should Not Exercise

Exercise is not harmful, but anyone with a medical condition should first seek medical advice.

Exercise you should not do if:

•experience vaginal bleeding or spotting

•weak cervix

•feel fatigued

•develop persistent pain

Things to Avoid While Exercising in Pregnancy

•Avoid exercising in high humidity.

•Avoid heavy weightlifting.

•Avoid high altitude exercise.

•Avoid exercises that increase the risk of abdominal trauma.

If you go to work out, be sure to listen to your body first. Don’t do it it feels uncomfortable. And before you put on your shoes consult your doctor or you can also use pregnancy advice forum for more.

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