Alpha GPC, also known as Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, i.e. aGPC, is nothing but choline that contains phospholipid, which is derived from soy. When it comes to its roles in the human body, it includes an increase in strength, improvement in cognitive function, and instigating the release of growth hormone. You must know that Alpha GPC comprises a lipid tail that allows the uptake and integration into the neuronal cell membranes.

You can take Alpha GPC powder as it is known as one of the best sources of choline. You can browse around this site to try your hands on its purest form. Choline molecules provide the essential and rate-limiting compound for acetylcholine neurotransmitter synthesis.

Acetylcholine is found in the peripheral and central nervous system, but cholinergic neurotransmission acts as the foundation when it comes to memory formation. Studies that were conducted in the 1990s indicates that Alpha GPC enhances memory performance. However, it is important here to mention that Alpha GPC should be taken in recommended dosage.

Recommended Usage of Alpha GPC:

As far as the weight is involved, the approx. weight of choline present in Alpha GPC is 40 percent; according to this, 1000 mg alpha GPC confers around 400 mg of dietary choline. The standard dosage of an aGPC is 300 to 600 mg (this recommendation is suitable when it is given to enhance the power output). With this dose, one can expect an increment in growth hormone secretion, and it will suit athletes.

When it comes to the usage of Alpha GPC in reducing symptoms of cognitive decline, a dosage of 1200 mg is recommended, which should be divided into three doses of 400 mg. Remember, when Alpha GPC is taken as per the recommended dosages, it is well endured. So, for most adults, the recommended dosage is comparatively broad. A daily dose of 300 mg to 1200 mg is safe to take and works efficiently when it is divided further into one to two doses.

Side Effects of Alpha GPC

Though Alpha GPC is safe for adults, still there are some reported side effects that are not major but should be known. People have experienced nausea, fatigue, nervousness, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, etc. It becomes significant here to highlight that these side effects may not be similar for all individuals, and they can vary as per health conditions.

Some people may experience low blood pressure and dizziness as well. If you have hypertension, then you must take consultation from a medical professional before taking the Alpha GPC supplements. Pregnant ladies or those who are nursing are suggested not to take Alpha GPC. On taking higher dosages than recommended, users may come across adverse side effects also.

Some Final Thoughts:

Alpha GPC is an effective source of choline. As per research, it has been concluded that it is one of the powerful memory enhancers which most doctors prescribe in Europe for different memory disorders. You can navigate here to try your hands on it.

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