From a health point of view, eggs are an important part of our diet. They are known to contain all necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins. For a healthy diet it needs to include eggs to provide all necessary nutrients for a human body. Now a question is can you eat scrambled eggs when pregnant? Do you need it essential to consume eggs? You need to educate yourself more about eggs and what all benefits or risks they accrue during pregnancy.

Do you consider it safe to have eggs when pregnant?

As long as eggs are pasteurized and cooked there is no harm in consuming them. In raw eggs it is known to contain salmonella paving way for food poisoning. Via cooking bacteria is killed and salmonella poisoning is reduced.

How can you store eggs in a safe manner?

Eggs have to be stored in a proper manner to avoid bacterial contamination

  • In a fridge keep the eggs in a tray so as to minimize spoilage
  • They need to be kept in a separate place from the other food items
  • At the centre of a fridge temperature is consistent so it is better to store eggs at that place. Do not commit the mistake of storing eggs on the other side
  • Any hard boiled eggs in the fridge should not be stored for a couple of days

The process to include eggs as part of your diet?

How to prepare and cook eggs as part of your pregnancy diet needs to include the following

  • Do ensure that an egg is boiled for 5 minutes so that it is cooked properly
  • If you are used to fry eggs ensure that the white does become solid
  • Egg salad pregnancy would be a creative menu to incorporate
  •  Rather than consuming it plan you can develop some creative menus with eggs

In an ideal case situation an egg needs to be consumed with 28 days once you lay it

  •  Any consumption of boiled eggs needs to take place within a couple of days
  • Any food that contains eggs has to be consumed in a quick manner

There are some risks associated with the consumption of eggs. If you go on to consume uncooked egg it can lead to bacteria entering your stomach. Net result could be a host of complications. There are strong chances it can lead to preterm labor or even complications. In case of certain women chances of developing allergic reactions increases when they are into consumption of eggs. The yolk of egg can lead to cholesterol build up even if you are already suffering from this dangerous disease.

In fact there does arise certain risks if you opt to have eggs during pregnancy. But till the point you take precautionary measures things should be fine. Till the point you are allergic to it this works out to be a wonderful value addition.

Are you still in a confused state on whether to have eggs during pregnancy?

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