Podiatrists, also known as foot doctor, is the medical professional that diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and ailments of lower leg, ankles and foot. They are actually doctors with relevant medical degree to perform a variety of major duties. The duty of a Podiatrist involves attaining of regular foot care.

The certified and qualified Podiatrists are responsible for offering quality foot and ankle care to patients. They specialize in treating a wide variety of conditions like plantar warts, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis and more. They also perform a variety of surgical procedure like bunionectomies, hammertoe repairs and different types of foot excisions. Some of the important jobs performed by Podiatrists Houston include:

Examining Patients with Foot Diseases

As a part of the job, the Podiatrists in Houston examine the patients with diseases and conditions associated with lower legs, ankles, and feet via X-Rays, scanner plates connected to computers and lab tests. The Foot Doctor Houston also diagnose the ailments like arch problems, ingrown toenails, fungal conditions, bunions, heel spurs, deformities and more.

Swelling your ankle or feet indicates about circulatory and kidney issues, heart diseases and more. They diagnose the conditions via X-Rays and lab tests prior to identifying the specific ailments.

Treating Ailments

In order to treat diseases and injuries in ankles or feet, the Podiatrists Houston may prescribe the patients with arch issues with shoe inserts or orthotics. They may also use plastic casts to set fractures or prescribe you with anti fungal drugs to treat conditions like athlete’s foot. In some cases, pain relievers and rest are prescribed to heal faster during arch or heel stress or plantar fasciitis.

The diseases related to diabetes and circulatory diseases demand for special diets that are designed to lessen the symptoms. The Podiatrists may also ask the patients to undergo treatment from other specialists when the conditions are outside their area of expertise.

Surgical Procedures Performed by Podiatrists

There are many conditions which can’t be treated with medications and in such case the Foot Doctor in Houston performs minor surgical incisions and this includes compound fractures and bone spurs. In such conditions, the Podiatrists may chose to go for surgical procedures.

Compound fracture is the condition where the bone breaks the skin and it needs immediate surgery. The heel bone spurs are the conditions with painful growths and in such case the Podiatrists may ask the patients to undergo a surgical procedure to remove unit. The doctor may also ask you to stop certain medications and treatment and undergo the surgical procedure to overcome the feet condition permanently.

Podiatric Treatments by Podiatrists Houston

As mentioned, the Podiatrists would be treating all the problematic areas of your lower leg, ankle and feet and to treat the conditions different treatments are prescribed by Podiatrists in Houston. This includes:

  • Orthotic inserts or soles
  • Drugs or medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgical procedure in lower extremity fractures       

The most common type of podiatric procedure performed by the Podiatrists involves using of scanner or force plate that enables the doctor to know the design of the orthotics. Patients are also asked to follow certain series of tasks to accomplish the treatment procedure successfully. The computer to which the force plate is connected scans the foot to see which area shows the weight distribution and where are the pressure points. The doctor will thoroughly go through the report and then it will determine the best and suitable treatment plan for the patients based on the analysis.

These were some of the duties that are performed by the Podiatrists in Houston.        

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