Stress! It is a common term that means physical or emotional tension, and we all experience in our everyday life. Stress can make you angry, nervous, or you can even feel frustrated. Actually, it is the reaction of our body when it experiences harmful situations.

Different Types of Stress

You won’t only experience bad stress always; sometimes it’s good even. Good stress motivates to give your best under pressure and fades away after a short period. But if it stays for a longer duration, then your body will experience its adverse impact.

  • Acute Stress

It is the most common type of stress that is widely experienced by almost everyone. This is a positive stress that lasts for a smaller time. Common examples are like a minor argument, exam stress, a ride on a roller coaster, etc. It adds thrill and excitement into your life and occurs when you try something new.

As the stress lasts for a smaller period, so it won’t leave a lasting impact on your health. It impacts you positively by practicing your brain and body to respond in a better manner for future acute stress causing situations.

  • Episodic Stress

Frequent experiencing of acute stress leads to episodic stress. People suffering from this type of stress become short-tempered, anxious, and irritated. They experience nervous energy around them. Unreasonable or unrealistic demands are the cause behind it. They stress themselves a lot to meet such goals.

People who are over competitive, demanding and aggressive are the ones who are affected by this stress type.  They experience emotional distress and anxiety disorder for more extended periods. Your body can also invite consistent worry and other heart-related problems with this type of stress.

  • Chronic Stress

It is the most harmful stress type. If it is not treated for a longer duration, it can cause irreversible damage to your health as well as mental state. This is not exciting or thrilling like acute stress. Unhappy marriage, property stress, chronic illness, etc. are some of the causes behind chronic stress.

If you struggle with chronic stress, try using CBD oil to help relax, and prevent larger and more serious issues. It can even force you to commit suicide or cause harm to yourself in some other way.

Chronis stress if not diagnosed and treated on time, can lead to heart attack, stroke, cancer, or other psychological problems.

How Your Body Reacts In Stress?

When you experience stressful situation, your body releases hormones to react to it. Your body protects itself from it by letting these hormones alert your brain, creating muscle tension, and with an increase in pulse rate. All these actions are good if they stay for a short time. But during chronic stress, your body still stays alert even if no danger surrounds it.

With time your body is open to a lot of health problems like:

  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Skin problems
  • Menstrual problems
  • Depression
  • Diabetes

At times you can’t even realize that the symptoms that you are experiencing are because of stress. Some of them can be diarrhea, frequent pains, energy loss, stomach upset, weight loss or gain, etc.

How can you manage Stress?

If you observe any of the symptoms, you need to curb them when you experience little signs, before they worsen. Stress management strategies include

  • Regular physical activity
  • Spending quality time with friends and family
  • Devote time to your hobbies
  • Go with stress relaxing exercises like deep breathing, yoga, massage therapies, etc.

The more you keep yourself involved in some activities, more are the chances to keep yourself away from stress. If managing with the symptoms it becoming difficult, it’s high time you consult a doctor.

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