Liquidmetal refers to amorphous metals that are mixed together for manufacturing products. It has a unique structure and is ideal for making surgical and dental accessories in the medical industry. Liquidmetal is unique because of its structure and manufacturing process. It first emerged in 2003 and since then has been extremely popular in both the medical and tech industries.

John Kang Liquidmetal expert – An insight into Liquidmetal technologies

The history of Liquidmetal is not new; it was discovered by professionals of The California Institute of Technology or CalTech. When it was first discovered it was known as Vitreloy. Its name changed to Liquidmetal after a company called Liquidmetal technologies marketed it.

Why is Liquidmetal so popular today?

It is widely popular today as Apple uses it in many of its consumer electronics and currently is keen to purchase some patents relating to Liquidmetal technologies. The John Kang WebMD expert team says that Liquidmetal has a number of unique properties and this is the prime reason why it is used in several consumer electronic applications and other industries. One of the biggest advantages of Liquidmetal is it is resistant to very high tension and hardly breaks. It has a very good tensile strength and is resistant against corrosion and any sort of environmental reaction. If you examine Liquidmetal carefully, you will find that it has almost an elastic-like structure that allows it to release the stored energy resulting in properties that are non-wearing in nature.

Liquidmetal technology and its application in medical technology

Liquidmetal technology plays a vital role in the field of medical technology. The John Kang Liquidmetal WebMD team says in the field of medical technology; precision plays a vital role in making surgical and dental products that need to be accurate in structure, measurements, and form.

Get a better and high level of precision for small devices

Liquidmetal technologies provide manufacturers of medical equipment to get a very high level of precision when they need to make any product. This precision is permitted due to a drop in the viscosity levels with the increase of temperature.

Why is Liquidmetal preferred by the dental and medical industry?

The levels of the malleability of Liquidmetal at a very low temperature makes these metal alloys like glass under the influence of heat. Liquidmetal is ideal for manufacturing very small dental and medical instruments that require high levels of precision in the manufacturing process. For instance, dental implants are very small, and manufacturers generally use Liquidmetal for making these small devices for dentists and the medical industry.

The John Kang Liquidmetal expert team state the demand for Liquidmetal will become higher in the future. They say Liquidmetal has the unique advantage of helping manufacturers structure equipment in precisely the manner they want despite being very small. If you take a look at dental equipment most of them are small and odd in shape and size. This is where Liquidmetal helps manufacturers make dental and medical implants in correct proportions without hassles at all!

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