Doctors play a crucial role in our lives and if we say correctly they make our life easier. There are different types of doctors which are specialized in different fields and we can need them at any point in life. Today we are going to talk about that branch of medical science which deals with the problems of musculoskeletal problems, that is, orthopedics. If you want to see the doctor go in the best orthopedic hospital in India and get yourself treated.

It is a medical specialty which gives focus to the diagnosis, correction, prevention, and treatment of patients which are suffering from skeletal deformities that include disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin. All these elements are included in the musculoskeletal system. This is a complex system of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.

With this, we are allowed to move, work and be active. But sometimes due to our lifestyle and many other factors, we face problems in these parts of our body. So the doctors specialized in this area provides treatment from newborns with clubfeet to young athletes needing arthroscopic surgery, and also to the older people suffering from arthritis.

In nutshell, it is study and research of the musculoskeletal system. If going by history, the orthopedics was first developed to treat children who are suffering from crippling or debilitating diseases. In fact, the word “orthopedic” is derived from the Greek words in which “ortho,” meaning straight, and “pais,” meaning children or pediatric. But in modern times, the orthopedic physicians treat everyone with no age barrier and cure the chronic pain, rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal injuries, and arthritis.

What are orthopedic surgeons or orthopedists?

An orthopedic surgeon is a physician who gets training in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of disorders, injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system of the body. They have a medical degree D.O. or M.D and they use both surgical and non-surgical ways of treatment of these problems. They treat trauma, spine disorders, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders. They are trained to cure all these areas but many orthopedic surgeons are specialized in specific areas which include hand, shoulder, and elbow, spine, hip, knee or foot and ankle.

There are many procedures and techniques which we are using nowadays to treat these problems, thanks to technological advancements, which are:

  • Arthroscopy- It is a procedure which uses a camera to visualize inside the joint
  • Fusion- It is a procedure which makes use of rods or internal devices in which bones are fused together
  • Internal Fixation – It is a procedure in which holding of broken pieces of bone together is done which is done by either plates, screws or pins
  • Joint replacement – In this, a damaged joint is removed and then it is replaced by an artificial joint either partially or totally.
  • Osteotomy- In this, the correction of bone deformity by cutting and repositioning the bone is done
  • Soft tissue repair- In this repair of tendons or ligaments is there

When to see the doctor?

Many people fail to see when they need to meet the orthopedic doctor in their lives. So if you are experiencing any type of pain in your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, or back, then you can consider seeing an orthopedic surgeon. The symptoms include the following:

  • If you find difficulty using any part of the body for doing any work or day to day functions (e.g., walking up the stairs or carrying grocery bags)
  • If there is a pain in muscles, tendons, or joints which is not going away from so long time
  • If your joint pain becomes more and more intense if you have long periods of rest
  • There can be swelling or bruising around the joint or at any location of an injury
  • If there is a limited range of motion which might involve an inability to straighten the back or stretch any muscle.
  • If there is a joint deformity
  • The signs which include infection like heat, inflammation, fever, and/or redness is also a symptom
  • If you find unusual pain in part of the pain

Role of orthopedics

Orthopedists are trained in the treatment of an immense variety of diseases and conditions which includes fractures and dislocations, torn ligaments, pulled out muscles and bursitis and ruptured disks, arthritis, sciatica, pain in low back, and scoliosis knock knees, bow legs, bunions and hammer toes, and osteoporosis, bone tumors, muscular dystrophy. And also, cerebral palsy, clubfoot and unequal leg, length abnormalities of the fingers and toes, the growth abnormalities are also the part of the umbrella of orthopedics.

Normally speaking, the orthopedics is skilled in:

  • The diagnosis of the injury or disorder
  • The treatment which is done through medication, exercise, surgery or other treatment plans
  • The rehabilitation which is done by recommending exercises or physical therapy. This helps in movement, strength, and function
  • The prevention with information and treatment plans which prevent injury or slow the progression of diseases

Some general facts relating to orthopedics are:

  • The number of persons who are suffering from musculoskeletal injuries is 28.6 million annually.
  • As reported by elders, Arthritis is the leading chronic condition.
  • The back or spine injuries are one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal impairments.
  • Almost, one in seven Americans suffers from a musculoskeletal impairment.
  • The sprains or dislocations and fractures are almost one-half of all musculoskeletal injuries.

The field is very vast and there are many opportunities in this field. There indeed is a bright career in this field. The orthopedic surgeon is a medical doctor who goes through the extensive training in the proper diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases related to the musculoskeletal system. The innovation in technology and advancement in the procedures are leading to the more success rate of the treatments in this field.

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