Navy Seals are a prominent part of the United States defense. They basically are the elite combatants who come under the military force structure of America. Stephen Varanko III, one of the many individuals enlisted for US Navy, marks that the SEALs are typically expected to be capable enough to conduct specialized warfare operations in the elements of Land, Air, as well as Sea.

Stephen Varanko III sheds light on some aspects of the rigorous Navy SEAL Training

All the Navy SEAL recruits have to undergo multiple months of extremely rigorous and demanding training that are designed to prepare them for any kind of challenges that they might have to face in the future. These recruits typically have to pass a plethora of difficult tests that challenges them both mentally and physically. In the words of Stephen Varanko III, the young SEAL recruits have to orderly prove themselves to be perfectly capable enough to survive in the most perilous living conditions. In many cases, the SEALs are appointed to carry out distinct special operations for fighting terrorism

After the initial selections of aspiring Navy SEALs, those candidates would have to spend around 18 to 24 months in training. Due to its extremely rigorous and severe nature, around seventy percent of SEAL aspirants are not even able to complete the Phase One of their training. Stephen Varanko III is among the selected candidates who have managed to efficiently complete the entire SEAL training. Therefore he is extremely well-versed with the distinguished activities and tasks involved in such training. He especially underlines the high severity the tasks involved in the so-called “Hell Week” that takes place in the 4th week of the phase 1 of the SEAL training. This segment of training takes around five to six days to complete, roughly equating to more than 130 hours.  In this week, the diverse SEAL aspirants would have to participate in a number of exercises and trials. All of those tasks are designed to test and evaluate both the physical and mental strength of the candidates.  Throughout the whole task experience, the candidates are required to be near-constant motion. They are kept absolutely soaking wet and cold from their head to toe in this exercise. Prior to the completion of this week, the candidates are only allowed just a couple of hours of sleep.

According to Stephen Varanko III, due to the extreme nature of the task, participating in the Hell Week is voluntary for the candidates.  This basically implies that all the participants would get to avail the option of quitting the task whenever it becomes unbearable for them.  However, quitting the task would also put an end to their SEAL journey. The candidates can quit the Hell Week tasks at any point by approaching a shiny brass bell that is hug on the set up of the exercise.  While the candidates are highly encouraged to ring the bell in many cases, they do not do so in the aspiration of ultimately becoming a part of the prestigious Navy SEAL. 

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