The moment you are pregnant the first concern would be on how your pregnancy along with delivery would be like. In this regard a baby contraction timer would be of immense help. This would guide you on basic information about when you need to head over to a hospital. You need to educate yourself about the various methods of delivery.

In case of some women they experience distinct signs of labor whereas in case of others it is not the situation. No one is aware when it will start but several hormonal and physical changes will indicate when it is the right time for labor.

When in labor the phase of lightening

The procedure when the baby lowers down on to the pelvis just before the delivery takes place goes by the name of lightening. This can occur a few minutes or hours before labor creeps in. Since the uterus is known to rest on the bladder after lightening, there is a tendency to urinate all the more.

During pregnancy at cervix the mucus plug is known to accumulate. The moment widening of the cervix takes place on to the vagina the mucus is discharged and it could pink or blood oozing out. Once the mucus plug is discharged labor can start off within a couple of weeks.

Labor contractions

Once the contractions takes place the abdomen goes on to become hard. In between the contractions, the uterus is known to relax and the abdomen becomes soft. The way contraction appears it may differ from one woman to another and this could be the same case from one pregnancy to another. With labor contractions you feel a dull acne or pain at the back of your abdomen. A contraction schedule would guide you on how to track down the contractions. They follow a wave like motion and move from the top of the uterus to the bottom. As per the view point of some women in case of some women contractions are like muscle cramps. In comparison to the false contractions, the true ones are not going to stop where you might have to relax or change position. Though the contractions would be uncomfortable you might be able to relax in between them.

The difference between the true contractions and the false ones

Before the true labor begins you are likely to face false pains. This would be in a way preparing the body for the hard days ahead. These irregular ones are common and they tend to start in the second trimester of your pregnancy. More commonly the pace of it increases during the third trimester of pregnancy.

The false ones would be replicating a situation where the abdomen tightens that comes in and goes out. These contractions do get close over a period of time, they are not going to increase in duration while walking  as over due course of time they go on to become a lot stronger. Just educate yourself about what true contractions are .

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