Giving your house a vintage touch is a perfect way to portray your personality on it. You obviously don’t want to have the same elements manufactured by the high street stored as everyone else, do you?

But if you are clever enough about where you can find unique elements, it can be either charity events or boot sales; you will be on your way to have stylish interiors for your home.

It might be a good thing to start with the most important room of the house – the kitchen. Sprucing up your plain kitchen designs with some vintage tables, chairs and accessories, would definitely give it a classic chic look. Putting these over solid wood, vinyl or Amtico Click Smart flooring is even better.

And to make sure you are doing everything just right, we have a collection of our very own kitchen design Northampton examples. So, go get browsing.

Country House Kitchen

The design above perfectly replicates the comfort any house can ask for. The kitchen design is absolutely traditional in feel, with light coloured kitchen island and top cabinets. Complimenting it is the darker shade worktop and cooking area. The seating has been kept simple with wooden tables around the well crafted bookshelf and the island. The crockery used is simple yet classic. The overall appearance of the kitchen is gives out country side vibes.

Open Kitchen Shelves

The panels of this kitchen are painted with a lighter colour, making the small space look much brighter than usual. To add a colour and a vintage look, the crockery is placed in the open shelves. Lastly, the glass jars placed on top of the lower cabinets complete the eclectic look.

Wood Island

Having a wooden kitchen island will not only strengthen the rustic in the room but also gives a great countryside vibe. If you are planning to give your house an absolute vintage apperance, then a wooden kitchen island is your cue to go with. The design is complete with wooden cabinets of ligher shade than that of the island and with some stone flooring.

A Fine Vintage

You know what is more interesting than adding a hint of vintage to your kitchen design – designing a fine vintage kitchen. You can have professionals to find vintage elements and old materials for you and give your kitchen interiors an ambience that never has to stray in the pastiche.

You can use wooden cabinets and shelves instead of opting for pale English wood. We suggest you to go with Vermont pine as they are far richer in warmth and depth, giving your kitchen the ultimate vintage appearance. For flooring you can use reconditioned tiles. There are old factories (demolished or refurbished) worldwide, over 100 years older, that provide the perfect reconditioned tiles.

Patterned Tiles

Instead of lighter wall colours you can opt for lighter patterned tiles for your kitchen walls. They are simple and can be coordinated with your crockery and curtains. You can complete the look with similar colour cabinets and with a darker shade of worktops and kitchen flooring.

Wooden Kitchen Dresser

Like we keep mentioning now and then, nothing gives an absolute vintage look than wood itself. Having a wooden kitchen dresser will not only help you create that look but will also help you display you unique vintage crockery and kitchenware.

Wooden Country Kitchen

Nothing looks as vintage as wood. So how about restoring your kitchen with all wooden things? From its flooring, cabinets, shelves to the kitchen island. It not only gives our vintage vibes but also displays a typical traditional country style.

Butler Sink

The kitchen above features a butler farm sink. Around the sink area as you can see, the work top is made out of wood. The look is completed with the white lower cabinet and white walls.

Rustic Barn Kitchen

Barn kitchen are obviously old-fashioned but with a little upgrade, anyone can embrace the eccentric atmosphere while giving the kitchen room a glorious look. You can add an artistic touch to the place by placing a paining above the fireplace in the kitchen. To add the splash of colours you can choose the Cotswold stones.

Vintage Accessories

If you love vintage vibes, you can redesign your kitchen with some distressed glass cabinets and units while keeping the tiles and other elements modern and fresh. Add some vintage jars and crockery to the glass cabinets and units to complete the look.

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