Do you want to have a unique option for your flooring? Are you tired of the regular marble,or  normal hardwood flooring? Then the rubberfloor can grab your attention. It is quickly gaining popularity in various settings. It is now used in commercial buildings, in gyms, fieldhouses and even in homes. There are mainly two types of rubber floor available in the market, the interlocking tiles and the rolling ones. They have somewhat similar characteristics but are quite different when it comes to application. Each of them are used in specified settings- the tile rubber floors, as the name suggests, are made interlocking the rubber tiles. They are ideal for use in small spaces. The rubber rolls, on the other hand, are very durable and ideal for using in bigger spaces.

Some features and benefits of having rubber floor

Along with providing a long-lasting flooring solution to your home, rubber flooring also gives a great appearance to your own space. They look amazing with almost any kind of décor and are among the most favorite choices among homeowners these days. Let us check the features of this flooring that have made it so popular in recent times:-

  • They are very long-lasting, durable, and strong.
  • They can be maintained quite easily.
  • They have a good slip resistance, which makes this flooring choice safe to be used in all types of commercial buildings, especially gyms.
  • Rubber flooring can easily absorb sound and is static resistant, which makes it a good choice for school and office flooring.
  • They are resistant towards water and moisture too.
  • They do not get marks and scratches easily.
  • They are resistant to stains, molds, etc., which makes it a great choice for office buildings.

Rubber, as a material, is environment-friendly as it is natural and comes from the rubber tree’s sap. Extraction of the sap occurs without causing any harm to the tree. The end product is highly renewable too. One can also recycle rubber very easily, which is an added benefit. If your rubber floor has become old, you can make different products from it.

Thus, rubber floors offer a wide array of advantages to households and commercial buildings installing it. Being easy to maintain and durable, having a rubber floor will not burn a hole in your pocket. Invest in a good quality rubber flooring, and it will last you for years without any issues.

By peter