If you’re planning to open a restaurant, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is how to set up and stock your kitchen.

A lot of people are dreaming of opening up their own restaurant, however, a lot of them also do not know the important decisions they have to face when it comes to setting up the kitchen.

A restaurant kitchen is where the entire menu comes to life, and with that being said, it totally needs to be run with a well-oiled machine that should be synchronized to each other to provide the best dining experience for the customers, and if one of its crucial pieces is broken or malfunctioning, the entire evening could go off the course.

Because of that, it is completely important for you to ensure that your kitchen is well-equipped and stocked with all the needed tools that you need, and your equipment is on its best condition and should be maintained regularly.

To give you an idea of what you should be putting in your restaurant kitchen, check out some of the most important restaurant equipment your kitchen must-have.

1.         Storage containers– There is a little that back of the house workers love a lot is the new shipment of storage containers. The plastic liter containers, or the hotel pans, from all shapes and sizes, are the bedrock of every preparation and line cook’s overall preparation. You will surely need a lot of strong type of tape that ensures that it stays sticky even if it gets wet and sharpies for labeling all the containers to prevent confusion.

2.         Serving ware– If there is nothing to serve food on, there would be no restaurant. You will need a lot of cutlery, plate ware, bowls, glasses, cups, and ramekins. You should also consider the number of tables that you can fit in your restaurant and also the number of guests that you hope to serve every day when you consider the factor of the number of serving you want to buy. Also, you have to consider the breakage knowing that the kitchen is always chaotic, it is not common to lose a plate or a glass every now and then, so you should make sure to have a reserve on your side.

3.         Cooking equipment– You have to consider the tools that you will need in executing the entire menu in just a single shift. From pots of all sizes, the saute pans, the sheet pans, fish spatulas, the mixing spoons, tasting spoons, ladles, squeeze bottles, bench scrapers, bowls, and the list goes on and one. This varies widely depending on the certain type of food that you want to make.

4.         Shelves and storage racks– You also need to have properly installed shelving and racks for storage that can provide you a better solution for storing various appliances in your kitchen, and can even store perishable and non-perishable foods. Having an organized storage system can help you streamline your kitchen’s operations regularly.

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