There are so many goings-on as regards the environment. It’s great news that while most countries have been on lockdown due to the pandemic, the earth’s atmosphere has been reportedly clearing up, but what happens after the worldwide shutdown ends? It must be everyone’s interest to minimize our negative impact on the environment. When you shop sustainable and eco friendly products, you are reducing your carbon imprint. There are several ways for you to do this.

Buy local

When you buy from local merchants, you can be certain that these products are manufactured locally and not shipped in from far-flung countries. When products are shipped, companies give off a high amount of pollutants into the air, destroying natural resources. By buying products that are locally harvested, you can do away with this issue.

Buy seasonal foods

One more thing you can do for the environment is to buy foods that are in season. If you buy fruits and other foods that are not in season and grown in other areas of the world, this entails shipping products from faraway places.

Buy used items

When buying products, as much as possible make sure that you buy used products instead of the new ones. You can find many sites that offer different products for sale or rent such as Craigslist or Fat Lama and they are almost as good as new.

When you buy or rent used items, you are reducing the manufacture of new products. For one you can use reusable shopping bags to cut down plastic dependence. It’s best to buy heavy-duty shopping bags that you can use several times again when you go to the market.

Use product containers for storage

If a huge product you bought comes in a container, use that container for storage. This can help reduce the environmental impact of extra packaging.

Don’t shop too often

Apart from buying more products which can have an impact, by not going to the store all the time you can reduce fuel usage and help protect the environment. There are those who go to the store only to get a carton of milk. Buy in bulk so as to cut back on your carbon imprint.

Simplify your life. Make sure that you only keep products that you use and enjoy regularly. Have a conscious effort of reducing the items you own; this will help you to naturally purchase less and reduce waste.

If you are not sure how much your environment impact is, you can try the following tools: Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, and Eco Footprint calculators.

You can replace disposable items with those that can be used again. Examples of these are batteries, razors, air conditioning filters, coffee filters, and food containers. If you are going to need an item for one time, you can borrow from a friend instead of buying right away.

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