There are many things that people need to be able to live in this world. And two of the most important things that we need to survive are food and water. But between these, water is what we need to have. As they say, we can live without food for days to months, but we cannot live without water within 3 to 5 days. Living without water is not that easy compared to living without food. Our body is composed of almost 60% – 70% water. Without water, we will experience dehydration.

Not only humans need water, for almost every living thing; water is necessary. Even our plants and trees too. It is essential for plants and trees for the following reasons:

  • It acts as a solvent and that plants can absorb nutrients from these when dissolved in water.
  • It is essential for germination of seeds and growth of plants
  • It also regulates the temperature of the plant
  • It transports nutrients in minerals from the soil to plants
  • It helps in the process of photosynthesis where plants prepare their food
  • It also becomes a habitat from a number of water plants that can be seen in rivers, lakes, and sea.

Animals will also benefit from the water, just like us. Their life requires a continuous supply of water for their vital functionalities. Bodies of the animal consist mostly of water for them to regulate temperature and to remove waste. Overall, water is essential in agriculture as it makes it grow plants and vegetables and also to raise livestock.

In Australia, there are water industry services that offer a lot of products and water solutions, depending on what you need. Mostly, it is used for irrigation. And that will help a lot in landscapes. Here is the list of products and solutions that they market:

  • Water Quality and Level Sensors – Ideal for remote sites. It provides accurate monitoring of water quality in the long run.
  • Environmental Sensor – It will give us reliable data on key environmental parameters.
  • Irrigation Automation – They have a lot of devices for automation that can operate on irrigation structures to change the flow of water and more functionalities of the invention.
  • Irrigation Metering and Control – It can help in securing and getting accurate metering and quality measurement.
  • Remote Monitoring and Telemetry – It will help you to manage your infrastructure remotely. It will save you a lot of time and will not require traveling from other sites.
  • Cloud-Based Data – They are also offering servers that can secure critical data to meet the needs of their clients.

On this day, technology has entered the irrigation system. Different devices have been made, and various software and applications can now be used to control, monitor, and remote the water irrigation system.

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