When renovating the bathroom, it is very important to take care of the tiles because their quality and design determine how often you will renovate the bathroom! For that reason, choose the best renovation contactor https://karry.ca.

Renovation of the bathroom is a great job in the home, which is done once every two decades.

In addition to the installation of quality pipes, the proper arrangement of sanitary facilities, the selection of tiles is also crucial because they do not change easily as sanitary facilities. Namely, the change of the tile demodulation implies removal or pasting through the old ones, which reduces the space and makes it difficult for the next renovation.

The bathroom is usually done before moving to a new room and this job is quite expensive, so carefully select all elements and do not make expensive mistakes.

1. Ceramic Tiles

It is important that ceramic tiles are of high quality and should not be saved on them. A common mistake made by young couples is covering and walls with floor tiles. Namely, large floor tiles are placed exclusively in bathrooms that are spacious, otherwise the effect is obtained – caves. Also, the floor tiles spend more incomparably more glue and are far more difficult to remove. The floor can be placed on the wall, but the wall (especially shiny) should never be placed on the floor, as it is easier to slip, and it will be additionally slippery.

The size of the tiles should therefore be chosen according to the space, so smaller and larger bathrooms and toilets should be selected with a smaller dimension or a combination with a mosaic. Small tiles are cheaper and more efficient, so they can be combined with a one-color standard. Small tiles and mosaics are always placed in a prominent place, for example, around the sink.

2. Walls

In bathrooms most often combine either two types or two tile colors. The colors of the tiles are chosen according to the size of the bathroom, and on the wall, they are always brighter. Tiled baths must be tiled with brighter shades, and it will look wider and if the row of tiles, which differ from others, is placed in the middle of the wall in the middle of the wall. Several sizes and colors can be used, with one of them having more cups or sinks, the other on the floor, and the third on the wall. Dark tiles should always be avoided, because the stains are more noticeable than light ones.

3. Sanitary

It is always safe to choose white sanitary ware, because it is easy to combine with blue, green, yellow and tiles of other colors. However, now they are modern and blue glasses, green tubs and cabinets of wood, so keep in mind that they always contradict the tile color.

If, however, the sanitary facilities are white and the tiles of neutral colors, it is obligatory in the bathroom to get a decor that will break the monotony. These can be curtains for a shower, rug or mirror, which should be the central part of the toilet.

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