Generators can be purchased online these days. OVN Trading Engineers, established in 1949 are famous in Power and Pumping solutions. We are the leading manufacturers of diesel generators in not just Delhi but also throughout the country. With the head office located in New Delhi and branches in the NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan, we also have service centers in almost every state of India.

Establishments need generators as a part of their infrastructure. Large scale or small scale, industrial or commercial, generators are very much required to make sure the work goes on without interruptions. Diesel generators produce more power per litre and a preferred option compared to the other variants.

OVN has a wide range of diesel generator sets, ranging from 10-2500KVA. You can buy a power genset from our website or contact us via email or telephone. We provide extensive training for our employees. The employees will answer all your questions, assist you in every step of choosing a generator that fits your requirements and your budget. We will also install the generator at the required location with efficiency. All this will be done within the agreed time limit.

The latest 750KVA diesel power generators are manufactured in partnership with Caterpillar, the pioneers in global production. The Perkins 750 KVA gensets are manufactured in high-quality conditions and are exposed to various tests before the sets are approved before being sold to the customers.

The 6 cylinder 750KVA diesel generator approximately weighs 8800 kilograms. It has the engine of 894 BHP. The dimensions are 6800x2100x2675 mm in length, width, and height respectively. The customers can also choose from the Greaves Cotton Gensets we manufacture. So, if you are looking for 750 kva power genset manufacturers Delhi,  get in touch with Ovn.

The diesel power generators by OVN are the most efficient gensets available in the country. These are cost-effective, use a minimal amount of fuel and can work in extreme conditions. OVN has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for four times along with a merit certificate from the government of India and we have also received prestigious awards for our highest quality manufacturing and after sales customer service.

We at OVN believe in providing 24/7 assistance to our customers. Our specially designed, advanced, backend system keeps track of every detail for the customer. Moreover, our customers are provided with live power usage statistics. This enables them to understand and maintain the load levels for the gensets with ease. Our customer service continues for a lifetime of the generator. Once a customer of OVN, we make sure you will always be given the best from us. You can also buy 750 kva generator online from us at reasonable rates.

Our workshop to overhaul the generator sets is unmatched in North India. We at OVN do not compromise on the quality of the product or the service.

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